5 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

5 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

5 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

It is without doubt that half of the percentage of people living in the urban areas have abandoned sweet potatoes for bread not knowing the health benefits it has in our bodies.

These sweet tasting vegetables have a thin, brown skin on the outside with coloured flesh inside and most commonly are orange in colour, but other varieties are white, purple or yellow.

Here are some of the benefits of sweet potato

1.Good for digestion

Foods rich in fibre are always good for digestion. Sweet potato is one of the foods rich in fibre and therefore will help in improving your digestive system.

2.Enhances brain function

According to nutritionists, Sweet potato contains important compounds called anthocyanins.

These compounds are important for protecting the brain by reducing inflammation and preventing free radical damage.

Sweet potato also helps in boosting memory.

3.Can help reduce the risk of cancer

Avoid peeling sweet potatoes because the peels contain antioxidants that reduce the oxidation process in cells which in turn reduce the risk of getting cancer.

You only require to was the sweet potato well and cook it with the peels.

4.Healthy for the heart

Because of the high fibre content found in the sweet potato, they help lower high cholesterol levels and therefore lower risks of cardiovascular disease.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in potassium which works in balance with sodium to maintain healthy blood pressure.

5.Helps in vision.

Sweet potatoes should be a priority for those with eye problems. This is because sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body and this is used to form light detecting receptors in your eyes.

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