5 Times Gogo Maweni shook Mzansi

5 Times Gogo Maweni shook Mzansi

5 Times Gogo Maweni shook Mzansi.

Gogo Maweni, a.k.a. Makgotso Lee-Anne Mokopo of Izangoma Zodumo fame, has caused quite a stir in Mzansi on numerous occasions and has trended at the top of Twitter for various causes.

She definitely caught the attention of regular South Africans with her variety of pet ownership, witchcraft claims, and other contentious remarks.

Here’s 5 Times Gogo Maweni shook Mzansi

“If my children don’t eat, no one will eat.”

She gained fame almost immediately thanks to the contentious statement, which also sparked resentment among some Twitter users who thought she was making things difficult for one of her baby dads.

Later, she claimed her remarks were made in fun and distanced herself from the accusations of witchcraft.

“The matter concerning Mr Khoza is entirely his business and does not involve Dr Maweni. Furthermore, Dr Maweni would like to wish the best for Mr Khoza to happily co-parent their beautiful child. Previous social media posts were said in jest and had no malice to them.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Gogo Maweni said she was grateful to her ancestors.

“They [ancestors] took me out of a lot … I know how much I get out of it, they saved me. They saved me through that relationship, they’ve saved me through the next relationship and I’m here now, I’m here to make a noise.”

“Someone is trying to bewitch me”

The sangoma claimed that she was being attempted to be charmed, but she was unfazed.

She posted a video of a dead owl she discovered at her doorstep after leaving Botswana on Instagram. She claimed that the bird meant that she had been the target of a spellcasting attempt.

“Be careful of dating rich men”

The reality TV star claimed in a video on Instagram that women shouldn’t be wowed by men’s wealth without understanding how it was achieved.

“We’re not on the same level” — Gogo Maweni denies stealing festival idea

When Gogo Maweni introduced the Ubungoma Festival, she was charged with stealing a festival idea from indigenous healer Romeo Malepe. On October 1, it happened at Constitutional Hill.

According to City Press, Malepe claimed that Gogo Maweni had plagiarized his Ancestor’s Picnic idea by utilizing her newfound wealth and popularity.

She denied the allegations, claiming that the traditional healer was using her name to draw attention to himself because the concepts were distinct.

“I can tarnish him if I want to, but I choose not to do that” — Gogo Maweni buries the hatchet?

On her POV podcast in October, Gogo Maweni interviewed rapper Gigi Lamayne. She talked openly about her relationship with a well-known actor, with whom she has a child. She insulted the individual and made claims about drug use that the actor had previously refuted.

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