Baba Harare defends Winky D’s album Eureka Eureka

Baba Harare defends Winky D’s album Eureka Eureka

Baba Harare defends Winky D’s album Eureka Eureka.

Braveman Chizvino, also known as Baba Harare, a Jiti and Afrofusion sensation, has urged other artists to continue speaking out against social injustice, corruption, and other issues impacting common Zimbabweans.

Baba Harare, who last year found himself in the spotlight for urging young people to register to vote, claimed that as artists inhabit the commentary space, said artists have a pivotal role to play in society since they occupy the commentary space.

His comments come as Zimdancehall kingpin Winky D is receiving harsh criticism for his album Eureka Eureka from unnamed organizations with ties to the country’s ruling Zanu PF party.

“I learnt in the last year is that I have a responsibility to comment on issues that affect me as an artist,” Baba Harare said on Twitter.

“As artists we need to occupy the commentary space regularly until its normal. If we do not engage in discussions around our craft ndipo panouya mbinga dzakasheka kuzoba,” he added.

The Jiti champion received flak from Zanu PF last year for urging young people to register.

This week, the mysterious Zanu PF organization Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) attacked Winky D harshly and demanded that both live performances and airplay of his music be prohibited.

Mike Chimombe, a supporter of President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was recently detained on suspicion of fraud but later cleared by the courts, is the leader of the EEG.

“As ghetto youths we are not happy. Haungaunganidzi mayouth anozadza ground rese kuti irwai, bvisai vakuru. That is conspiracy, so we do not allow it. We want him banned from performing his music because, until he starts singing for development, he does not teach us anything,” said EEG.

The dancehall rapper had previously produced an album that addressed issues like as social injustice, abuse of power by government officials, and unequal opportunity before EEG’s statements.

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