Berita is allegedly homeless

Berita is allegedly homeless
Berita is allegedly homeless. Photo/Instagram

Berita is allegedly homeless.

Nota Baloyi, a self-proclaimed and contentious music businessman, has been criticizing his wife Berita on Twitter for exactly one week. Even though the two are reportedly no longer together, Baloyi’s constant public taunting of Berita makes her feel his rage.

Mihlali Ndamase is presumably taking a break from Nota Baloyi’s public humiliation, torture, and teasing. He then started dragging his divorced wife, Berita. Nota Baloyi keeps breathing down Berita’s neck, regardless of whether he dubbed her a “illuminati” or something considerably worse.

Baloyi claims that her behavior is “irresponsible, reckless, and rowdy” and has used Twitter to drag his estranged wife, who left their marital home at the beginning of the year. Berita is at home and squatting on people’s couches, Baloyi continued. According to Baloyi, Berita’s parents left both her and him.

It’s not funny that my wife is homeless again. Spent her money on AirB&Bs now she’s squatting on couches. It’s embarrassing, humiliating & unbecoming… She has many comfortable & safe homes to return to as soon as she’s come back to her senses. Her parents abandoned her I didn’t!” wrote Nota Baloyi

Berita declared on social media in July that she was leaving their marital home she had lived in with Baloyi. It happened at a time when Baloyi frequently raged on social media and attacked people. Berita talked about moving out more for her safety than anything else.

“Nhlamulo I appreciate all the things you did for me. At some point early in our relationship we had a great partnership. Things went wrong when you started controlling me and fighting with everyone. I asked you a couple of time to consider your actions but you refused” wrote Berita

On social media, Nota Baloyi has been putting a lot of pressure on Berita. Baloyi has recently dragged Berita more than he has Mihlali Ndamase, and he keeps doing so without suffering any consequences.

“At 31years old, you’re married but hoping from couch to couch squatting with your former hair stylist’s friends… Renting air b&b’s when you get some money but living the live of a homeless person. That’s the life my wife chose instead of being a good supportive wife as promised” wrote Nota Baloyi


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