Bheki Cele threatens to ‘take action’ after posts about ‘daughter’

Bheki Cele threatens to ‘take action’ after posts about ‘daughter’

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It has been a tough week for police Minister Bheki Cele. His unpopularity among South Africans flared up yet again after he recently made some pretty coarse comments and warning that those who break curfew rules to ring in the New Year will be severely punished

His powertrip did not last long as the curfew restriction was scrapped a day later. But this did not stop him from threatening to shut down celebrations left, right, and centre.

So when the entertainment blogger Khawula posted videos on Twitter on Friday evening claiming Cele was at Coco nightclub in Cape Town with his daughter Khumbuza Cele, South Africans jumped at the chance to criticise him. Some said Cele was hypocritical because he often called for stricter restrictions on alcohol sales in South Africa.

Khawula claimed that Khumbuza was celebrating her 24th birthday at the club.

Bheki Cele spotted at Coco night club in Cape Town where his daughter Khumbuza Cele was celebrating her 24th birthday.

Others were very critical that the woman dancing in the video clip didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear.

Cele told eNCA on Saturday the woman in the video is not his daughter but has the same name as his daughter. He also said he wants Khawula’s claims to be retracted.

Cele’s spokesperson Lirandzu Themba confirmed on Twitter that the person in Khawula’s Twitter videos is not the police minister’s daughter. She also said that Cele “plans to take necessary action” if Khawula does not retract the statements and apologise for them.

Here are some of the response on Twitter:

Soon he will tell citizens will be arrested if they keep on circulating this picture

Bheki Cele must stop bullying people,videos , pictures get posted elk dag and no one gets in to trouble

What must be retracted… bheki cele is just being a bully here. He must just call Musa and ask nicely that he removes the video if it embarrasses him. But to order for an apology for a factual video… hayi bo wena!

So why didn’t he just write a statement instead of using government resources this is not about work relation yazi nyasijwayela

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