Bonang in hot soup For “Exploiting” Rea Gopane

Bonang in hot soup For “Exploiting” Rea Gopane

Bonang in hot soup For "Exploiting" Rea Gopane
Bonang in hot soup For “Exploiting” Rea Gopane

If there is one thing Mzansi has learnt over the past few days, it’s that Bonang is not one to be messed with. This is after she finally won her defamation case against podcaster Rea Gopane. And while it seems many had not expected anything less from Queen B, let’s just say that others are still taking the news, not so excitedly.

So just to catch you up on what exactly had transpired between Bonang and Gopane, their beef had begun last year when the podcaster had boldly accused Bonang of allegedly being the one who introduced her ex AKA to cocaine.

As you can already imagine, that did not sit so well with Bonang who of course took legal action against the 22 year old podcaster demanding that he make a public apology and retract what he said. Which Gopane did and the dust settled.

The dust had settled up until Gopane decided to ruffle Bonang’s feathers yet again and this time, she did not waste any minute to lawyer up against him, and we already know how that ended. But while many are happy that an example was made out of the podcaster, tweeps believe that Queen B went too far with this lawsuit.

According to them, even if Rea Gopane did deserve what happened to him, how exactly did she expect him to pay up that money? If they are to compare Bonang’s net worth and that of the young podcaster, surely she should have just let it go right?

Tweeps think that the lawsuit was a clout chasing stunt and that she should have just picked on someone her own size, or in this case, someone who has just as much money as she does.

Tweeps have still not forgotten how her ex AKA had allegedly accused Bonang of muthi, or when Euphonik had said that Bonang was allegedly mentally unstable. Why did she not hit them with a defamation suit then?

For tweeps, Bonang just chose to bully someone who did not have enough resources to fight back, saying that if it was one of her exes she may not have won the case. Clearly this is one case that has left quite the bitter taste in Mzansi’s mouth and many are left wondering what side to pick exactly.

Mzansi is not yet sure if this will be the last time we will be seeing Gopane and Bonang go head to head, but we can only hope that the podcaster has learnt his lesson. Hectic!

Here are few comments from her post on twitter;

“On your side your won, but to be honest u lost because u paid a lot of money for this case. The boy cab still pay R20 per month.

It’s not guaranteed that Rea can raise that R300k”

“Looking for likes using other people’s lives is expensive. People will think twice going forward.

I think Twitter should create an ‘allegedly’ emoji, coz vele the word is too long.”

“someone came back broke from America and now they want to hustle lil kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Allegedly😭”

“I wish this boy can see the opportunity that this lady has just set for him. Depending how his looking at it, he’s in the money run. He must cash cow this whole situation while paying up”

“Happy this turned out this way.. Cyber bullies hiding behind freedom of speech gonna learn today and think twice before speeding garbage”

“If i was that boy,I’d pay you in a week.Imagine how much clout you gave him I’d use that to my advantage.”

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