Bonang Matheba Celebrates Another Milestone

Bonang Celebrates Another Milestone

Bonang Celebrates Another Milestone
Bonang Celebrates Another Milestone

Bonang Matheba is one of South Africa’s most cherished TV stars. The TV character has been in the business for two or three years at this point and she continues to set the bar progressively high.

Bonang has been making mind-blowing vocation moves of late and we love to see it. She has now reported that her champagne, the House Of BNG presently retails at Game Store. She uncovered this in a tweet and said she is coming for Pick n Pay straightaway.

Bonang was as of late engaged with a battle about House of BNG possession. This trails she headed out in different directions from her administration Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) Global.

“Today I wish to impart to you some upsetting news. So throughout the most recent couple of years, I have been in a business relationship with an administration gathering to address my image. I have placed my confidence in them and gave them stewardship over brand Bonang to assemble and uphold it across all mediums including amusement, design, and business,” she said.

Bonang said she ended her agreement with the organization, referring to conceivable criminal lead

“Today I declare that I have ended the agreement with them and they presently don’t address me, or any of my concern adventures. Moreover, I have educated my legal counsellors to explore the chance of criminal direct by the organization and its agents. I will return throughout the following not many days with more updates so others can know about what I consider as their exceptionally repulsive conduct.”

Hitting back at her allegations, the CSA blamed her for being in the break of different agreements: “To make things abundantly clear, @Bonang Ms Matheba is at present in the break of numerous agreements with different customers as she has been forsaken to these brands and for sure her own for the beyond a half year. There is no legitimacy in this shameful charge, we anticipate the day in court with @Bonang; uncovering the bogus and misleading statements that she has been spreading.”


“We are right now anticipating a reaction from @Bonang’s attorneys on lawful letters previously sent,” they composed. Sunday Times additionally revealed that CSA had cut off its friendship with BNG Veno Ventures’ winemakers. Subsequently, Bonang Matheba may as of now not own a larger part stake in MCC.

The organization said all protected innovation has a place with the organization and Veno Ventures, in spite of Bonang’s case that she joined CSA Global while she had effectively purchased House Of BNG.

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