Connie Ferguson allegedly finds comfort in the arms of another man

Have you ever heard of the saying..shoulder to cry one sometimes become dck to ride on? well.. read more below

Connie Ferguson allegedly finds comfort in the arms of another man
In shock Connie Ferguson has allegedly found comfort in the arms of another man. The love of Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson was adored and envied by many people through out the world. The two were proof that soulmates do exist, they were the power couple of South Africa. However death snatched their happiness away when it took Shona Ferguson.

You could tell how hurt Connie Ferguson was hurt to the core. Ever since her husband death she has been trying to leave without him and she has been using the bible to get her through it. However it’s barely 3 months after her husband’s death and she is being rumoured to be seeing someone already.

This all began when one man took to Facebook and shared that he is in a relationship. It was his partner who shocked Mzansi. The man claimed to be in a relationship with Connie Ferguson as he went on to tag Connie Ferguson as his girlfriend. This caused a mixed reaction from Mzansi some could easily tell that the man was making a poor joke, while others were quick to judge Connie for moving on too fast and others attacked the man for playing such lame games.

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Many just felt it was inconsiderate for the man to joke with something like that considering that her wound is still fresh and hearting. Check out some of the comments made below.


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