Drama as Khanyi responds :Khanyi Mbau dumps Kudzai Mushonga In Dubai

Drama as Khanyi responds :Khanyi Mbau dumps Kudzai Mushonga In Dubai
It has ended in tears for the much publicized relationship between South African celebrity Khanyi Mbau and her Zimbabwean bae, Kudzai Mushonga. Kudzai Mushongwa was left stranded in Dubai by Khanyi. Kudzai went on a social media blackout  and South African Twitter thought Khanyi Mbau had gone missing.

Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend, Terrence Kudzai Mushonga, recent Instagram Stories have left fans worried.

The couple, who are currently in Dubai and have been for a number of weeks, often serve “couple goals”.

From flying her to Sun City in a helicopter for breakfast to the other expensive gifts, social media users have often felt that Terrence treats Khanyi like royalty.

Now Terrence has said that the mental drive Khanyi is taking him on is going to destroy him.

This week Terrence took to Instagram to relay how he had dropped Khanyi off at a salon and planned on picking her up when she said she was done, but that never happened.


Media personality Khanyi Mbau has responded to media to say that she is “well and alive” and not “missing” as alluded to by her boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga on his Instagram Live Stories that have gone viral.

Drama as Khanyi responds :Khanyi Mbau dumps Kudzai Mushonga In Dubai

He started his first post by saying that he was struggling and needed help.

“Imagine paying your girlfriend’s daughter’s fees before you drop her at the salon at 6pm and she tells you, ’Babe, I will text you 30 mins before I’m done so you can come pick me up!’

“You then rush for your zoom meeting at home and be a good man and cook dinner for you and her, you even cut yourself in the process! At 9.40pm you even tell her, babe I cut myself while making dinner,” he wrote.

Terrence went on to detail what happened: “At 11.47pm you even tell her baby I’m waiting on you!

“At 1am you tell her babe I had no dinner cos I’m waiting for you to tell me to come pick you up from the salon but let me eat because I need to drink my pain killers; at 2.25am you drive out to go look for her at the salon, you get there, the salon closed at 10pm. (At) 2.28am you message, baby, ’I see you are coming on and off ine regardless of many calls.’”

“At 3:00 I post on my IG that I can’t find her, then she immediately responds, saying ‘I’m in the building, see you soon.’ You start arguing on the phone till about 5am and she never pitches to 9am the next day”.

The Zimbabwean-born businessman said that if Khanyi needed space she could have said so instead of making him worry all night.

South Africans were left concerned for the media personality’s safety after her boyfriend said he had apparently not seen her since “dropping her off at the salon” where they are currently on holiday in Dubai, UAE.

Responding to request for comment in her Instagram inbox, Khanyi provided a brief statement.

Drama:Khanyi Mbau speaks after Dumping Kudzai Mushonga In Dubai


Lasizwe, Khanyi Mbau’s brother also shared that Khanyi Mbau was home and safe. he posted on his timeline an image of himself and Khanyi kneeling at their father’s grave.


Khanyi topped the trends list in SA on Tuesday after screenshots from Kudzai’s Instagram detailing how “she’s gone missing” went viral.

Kudzai took to Instagram with a post detailing how he had dropped Khanyi off at a hair salon at 6pm. After making her dinner and not hearing from her for several hours after sending many texts, Kudzai said he was concerned.

This is how Khanyi Mbau Ditched  Zimbabwean Boyfriend After Trip To Dubai..

Khanyi  Pretended To Be Going To Saloon And Went Clubbing Without His Knowledge

‘Poor’ Kudzi was left heartbroken and in shock last night after his famous girlfriend, Khanyi Mbau pulled a no show for one of his romantics.

He had to go on Instagram stories in search of her the whole night.

According to Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean businessman currently hiding in neighboring South Africa, Khanyi had left home for saloon when the whole ruckus came to light.

After being dropped off at a saloon around 6 pm with a promise of calling her boyfriend 30 minutes before she was done, Khanyi went MIA (missing in action) on Kudzi and decided to join her friends at a Rooftop pool for some drinks.

Back home, Kudzi revealed he had been cooking and setting up their place for a romantic night.

But after several hours of silence from Khanyi, Kudzi is said to have gone back to the saloon only to realise it closes at 10pm and it was 2am the following day.

He started posting on his Insta stories alleging that Mbau was not treating him right.

Check Kudzai Mushonga’s Insta stories below:

According to him, he deserved to be treated better and not as someone who was cheating on her. Kudzi says he pays for her daughter’s school fees, takes care of her and works very hard to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Terrence Kudzai Mushonga, as his government name reads, is being investigated by the South African police for dealing in drugs.

Not so long ago he trended online after allegedly defrauding Nigerian businessman, James Aliyu of R1.2-million in a vehicle scam.

He is in hiding in South Africa for crimes he allegedly committed back in Zimbabwe.

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