Enhle Mbali and ex-husband Black Coffee drama continues after she alleges to have assaulted her

Enhle Mbali and ex-husband Black Coffee drama latest update… as Black Coffee denies Mbali’s assault allegations

Once a lovely role model couple in Mzansi but now it seems like it ended in tears after reports have indicated that Black Coffee assaulted his ex wife  Enhle Mbali .

After a-lot of rumors and gossips in Mzansi,Enhle Mbali  has finally gone to the social media to open up ongoing drama between herself and her ex husband, commonly known as Nkosinathi Maphumulo aka Black Coffee.

The star has since gained the support of so many celebrities and her fellow GBV activists.

A few months ago, Enhle Mbali said that her ex abused her during and after their relationship.

In her words, she said that she no longer fears because she went to Instagram to elaborate on how she was assaulted by being beaten, and destroyed by her ex-husband.



My public statement. The truth will prevail. 🌸 complete statement in comments section. Iv never heard an abuser admit to being one.

Johannesburg, 13 April 2021 – In the ongoing matter between myself and my estranged husband, Nkosinathi Maphumulo I would like to break my silence.

I feel it is paramount for me to not only defend myself against the misrepresentation and counter accusations being made but to also put an end to the cycle of abuse that I have continued to face at his commission.

For the most part I have been silent in an effort to amicably resolve these challenges within my marriage as well as to limit the effects of a toxic environment on my growing children. However, as I have grown to realise, the cycle of abuse is ongoing and relentless as it feeds off of fear.

I am no longer fearful, and it is with this renewed sense of self that I wish to recount the numerous incidents on which he has beaten, berated, rendered me broken and unworthy. I have within the marriage and now as an estranged spouse endured gaslighting, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse at his behest. The extent of the turmoil I experienced in the marriage as a result of the abuse and the extra marital affairs were so severe that I was admitted into a facility and was treated for depression.

The last (5) years have been filled with agony and my children have been the unfortunate witnesses to these incidents of abuse in our home. Below are examples of incidents of abuse that have taken place:

• In 2014 at our previous residence, he struck me several times in our bedroom
• In 2019 after his Music is King event at our new residence, he threw a bag at my face during an argument
• Guests at my 33rd birthday celebration witnessed him attack me

Since the beginning of our divorce proceedings, he has continually used intimidation and financial muscle in an attempt silence me. I stand firm in my assertions; I would never exploit domestic violence and waste the courts time for my own benefit. It is my sole wish to ensure that by me speaking out about my experience amongst so many other voices that a more determined and unbiased approach to the resolution..



Enhle said she had endured gas lamps, emotional and verbal abuse, physical abuse, and financial abuse during and after her relationship with her ex husband Black Coffee.

“I have been married, but now as a divorced spouse, I have endured gas lamps, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and financial abuse. As a result of abuse and extramarital negotiations, I The degree of confusion he experienced in his marriage was so severe that I was admitted to the facility and treated for depression. “

She said the last five years have been painful.

“The past five years have been painful and my children have been unfortunate witnesses to these abuses in our homes.”

Enle went on to share some of the incidents that happened when her remark was to give others the opportunity to speak.

This is what she had to say on her IG AC…


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Mbali has since filed for protection order against Black Coffee saying he hit her on her birthday

Enhle Mbali breaks silence on ongoing issues with ex-husband Black Coffee
Popular DJ Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, also known as Black Coffee, leaves the Randburg Magistrate court accompanied by bodyguards. Maphumulo is accused of physically abusing his estanged wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA)


Anti-gender-based violence (GBV) supporters gathered outside the Randburg Magistrate’s Court in support of actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa, who filed for a protection order against her estranged husband, Nkosinathi “DJ Black Coffee” Maphumulo.

Mlotshwa has accused DJ Black Coffee of allegedly assaulting her at her 33rd birthday dinner at their home.

She confirmed that he had hit her hand and pushed her after threatening to shut her birthday celebration down by calling the police.

Mlotshwa explained that she had reached out to the court for assistance with a domestic violence case, which she wished to keep quiet for the protection of both herself and her children.

“It is my duty as a woman to not only fight for myself but for every single woman in South Africa,“said the much loved actress.

“The time is now. I believe that this is one step closer to achieving justice for the perpetrators who have subjected women in this country to GBV. By saying that, I am reminded about Reeva Steenkamp and all the other women who have and who are still suffering from GBV,” she said.

Among the supporters was Mlotshwa’s older brother, Themba Mhinga, who said that they wanted justice to be served and for the law to take its course.

Mhinga said it was important for Mbali (Mlotshwa) to feel safe and to be safe therefore as a family they will do their best to be there for her.

“Mbali has been going through a lot of trauma which she does not really voice to anybody. Now that she is finally speaking out about what has been happening we as a family just want to give her the necessary support and be a shoulder to cry on when needed,” he said.

The Star attended the court proceedings but was not allowed to sit in due to a privacy requested by both parties.

A group of supporters from the Ntethelelo Foundation was outside the court wearing white T-shirts with hashtags “Justice for Enhle”, and an image of Mlotshwa printed on the front.

The founder of the organisation, Thokozane Dabada, said they supported victims of GBV and rape, therefore they deemed the support for this case important.

Judgment for the protection order was reserved as both parties will be issued with a summons.

The matter is expected back in court on April 28.


South African DJ Black Coffee has repeatedly and vehemently denied allegations of assault leveled against him by his ex-wife Mbali.

“She confirmed that he had hit her hand and pushed her after threatening to shut her birthday celebration down by calling the police,” IOL reported.

DJ Black Coffee’s publicist, Neo Chabedi, referred The South African’s request for comment on the matter to his latest Twitter post. She said this was the only comment he would make at this stage.

Black Coffee posted Tweets in which he denied the allegations saying: ” Divorce is never easy but for us it has been especially painful and I’ve spent the last 3 years in and out of intense therapy to deal with it privately. Everyday I am attacked by relentless lies and falsehoods. I DID NOT ASSAULT HER.”

He added: “It is truly regrettable that she has chosen to mislead the public using the name of GBV and seeking a protection order against me to separate me from my children and our home.”

Black Coffee said he also “personally grew up witnessing GBV in my own household and from a young age I vowed never to allow that to happen again under any circumstances.”



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