Everything You need to Know About Teko Modise’s Wife And Past Relationships

Everything You need to Know About Teko Modise's Wife And Past Relationships

Everything You need to Know About Teko Modise‘s Wife And Past Relationships.

Former professional football player Teko Tsholofelo Modise, well known by his monikers Techno M and The General, was a midfielder for Mamelodi FC, Orlando Pirates, and Cape Town City FC. Additionally, he served as Bafana Bafana’s captain.

The ex-football player just tied the knot for a second time. Here is all the information you need to know about Teko Modise’s current and former relationships. Teko Modise’s story will restore your faith in romance and relationships if you were about to give up.

Who is Teko Modise’s wife?

Everything You need to Know About Teko Modise's Wife And Past Relationships.

Koketso Chipane, often known as Kokieberry on social media, is Teko Modise’s wife. She supposedly doubles as a social media influencer and a businesswoman who is a banker.

According to sources, Teko Modise and Koketso Chipane started dating in 2017. In 2018, the retired Bafana Bafana captain purchased Kokieberry with lobola.

In a colorful wedding ceremony conducted in Meadowlands, Soweto, the pair finished the second phase of their customary wedding ceremony in October 2021, at which point Kokieberry became legally married to Teko Modise. Only roughly 30 guests were allegedly present for the wedding, which was held in a very private setting.

Teko Modise and his wife announced they were expecting their first child together soon after getting married. On December 13th, 2021 the couple welcomed their son.

Teko Modise’s ex-wife

Everything You need to Know About Teko Modise's Wife And Past Relationships.
Teko Modise ex wife

Although Koketso Chipane is Teko Modise’s only wife, she is by no means the first woman to hold the title.

Teko Modise had previous marriages and very public relationships with other women. He was also engaged once and on the verge of getting married.

Felicia Mokoena, a well-known actress and reality star, is Teko Modise’s ex-wife. After being married in 2010, Teko and Felicia welcomed a daughter named Paballo Modise.

Their marital problems soon after being married caused Teko Modise’s first marriage to end in divorce. 2013 saw the separation and divorce’s finalization.

Teko Modise and Lizelle

Following the end of his first marriage, Teko Modise moved on and fell in love once more, this time with the stunning model and YouTuber Lizelle Tabane.

After a sporadic relationship, Modise and Lizelle became engaged in 2013 and were on their way to getting married with Modise having paid lobola for her.

Teko Modise’s relationship with Lizelle was likewise brief, much like his previous marriage. Following claims of Lizelle’s infidelity in 2015, the couple parted ways, but their turmoil did not end there.

After their breakup, Lizelle allegedly claimed that the former midfielder had physically abused her while they were together and even posted pictures of her battered body online.

In 2021, Teko Modise publicly denied claims that he had physically abused his ex-fiance on a podcast and chill episode with Mac G. He asserted that Lizelle had shown him pictures of violence from a previous relationship and that she had obtained them while dating Teko.

After the podcast, Lizelle Tabane, through her attorney, sent Teko a demand letter asking him to rescind the statement he had made about her during the podcast. She also claimed that during their relationship, she had sustained bruises on her neck, a chipped tooth, swollen lips, a bruised nose, and bruised eyes.

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