EXPLICIT: Bridget Achieng’s Nude Video Leaked By Friends

EXPLICIT: Bridget Achieng’s Nude Video Leaked By Friends

BridgetThe worst part about Bridget’s video is that it was taken and leaked by her female friends. Never trust any female in your life except your mum.

Some users said….”After watching that video of Bridget Achieng. I am now convinced thick girls only look good when they wear clothes.”


In yet another enervating episode of “Women are their own worst enemies”, a once highly sought after Nairobi socialite is said to have spent the weekend locked up in her apartment and on the edge of sinking into a deep wave of depression after someone from her terrible “squad” of friends decided to feed the internet with images showing her God-given birthday suit.

For the better part of Saturday night all the way into Sunday morning, local reality television star Bridget Achieng topped the list of trending topics as netizens took turns to commentate on a leaked video that exposed her full naked body to thousands of glaring eyes on social media.

In the clip that online detectives suspect was recorded by one of her friends, the former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ actress, born Lucy Achieng Okoth, is seen trying out some new outfits in what looks like a hotel room.

From some of the online reactions seen by.afromambo.com it’s safe to say that her once curvaceous body that drove Nairobi CEOs crazy a few years ago is no longer as mouth-watering.

Check out the video below as acquired from the Telegram channel “Thika Superhighway Leaks”.

EXPLICIT: Bridget Achieng’s Nude Video Leaked By Friends




some users said


The people who are talking behind that Bridget Achieng leaked video are women and am sure they are the ones who leaked it. Women! Women! Women!

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