Heavy K sets the Record straight

Heavy K sets the Record straight

Heavy K sets the Record straight. On Mac G’s Podcast and Chill, Heavy K asserts that he met the same fate as Kabza De Small. The Amapiano star was recently contrasted with other Amapinao performers including Major League DJz and Kelvin Momo. It was claimed that Kabza couldn’t discuss the genre, but DJz could.

On social media, the situation got out of hand, and many people called it disrespectful of the King of Amapaino. Heavy K responds to the story by claiming to have gone through what Kabza did in his prime.

Heavy K sets the record

“What they doing to Kabza is the same-thing they did to me during my prime! I knew it would happen being a hit maker & consistency irritates some of our people so much that they compare you to each & every artist that rises,” he wrote. K further explained to a disappointed fan that prime doesn’t last forever.

“They use to compare me to each & every artist comes on the game,” he further explained.


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