Huge blow for The Wife viewers as actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela (Hlomu) leaves the show

Huge blow for The Wife viewers as actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela (Hlomu) leaves the show

As Mbalenhle Mavimbela is apparently leaving, one of Mzansi’s most popular series, The Wife, will undergo some significant adjustments. According to Phil Mphela, the talented actress who played the beloved Hlomu is quitting the show because filming the next third season would not have been ideal for her.

Mahlomu was the initial wife when the Showmax serial first began, and she quickly won the hearts of the audience. If the producers decide to recast Mahlomu, people will find it unbearable because Mbalenhle so completely absorbed the role.

The entertainment analyst first reported Mbalenhle’s departure and conjectured that a personal matter prevented her from filming the forthcoming season.



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“The Wife without Mbali will be a tad strange because she really dazzled in this role. The move could also be temporary, should they get more seasons. If they don’t recast in her absence, I would want to see her return,” said Phil.

Phil, who appears to be aware of the cause for her departure, declined to elaborate, saying only that she is not in a position to shoot. I’m not sure. Not my domain. Let’s just say that she wasn’t going to be in the best mood to shoot right now.

Because Mbalenhle portrayed the pregnant character in The Wife’s most recent episodes so accurately, viewers are wondering that she may be pregnant.

This significant alteration occurs right when people are starting to get enthusiastic about seeing The Wife as it is presented in the novel for the first time.

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