Is AKA’s road manager to blame?

Is AKA's road manager to blame?

Is AKA’s road manager to blame? More than a month has passed since the murder of renowned local artist Kiernan Jarryd “AKA” Forbes. This happened as AKA and his companion Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were shot and killed in front of the Wish restaurant in Durban. Although AKA’s untimely departure was captured on CCTV, it appears that the SAPS are still far from cracking the case.

Is AKA’s road manager to blame?

As a consequence, conspiracy theories are still being created by the public and the media. One of these hypotheses, which has gained the most traction, claims that AKA was killed because of his friendship with Durban native Anele “Nellie” Tembe, whose family is reputed to be very powerful in the region.

Consequently, Anwar “Dogg” Khan, AKA’s personal protection, was the subject of an interview by e.TV. The interview only served to confirm the persistent rumors that an insider was engaged in the assassination of AKA.

AKA’s visit to Wish was a breach in security

For many years, Anwar “Dogg” Khan served as AKA’s personal bodyguard. He was unable to travel to Durban with the artist, though. A trick that wasn’t originally planned, according to Khan, who suggested that the priority was the release of AKA’s fifth solo studio album, Mass Country.

Khan, however, asserts that the album’s release was subsequently delayed to allow AKA to travel and perform. One of those performances just so occurred to be in Durban. AKA was told by Khan to only remain at his hotel, attend his performances, and then go back to the hotel because of the tumultuous relationship AKA has with the province.

Khan, however, claims that his road manager took AKA’s invitation to dine at the Wish restaurant, which is against protocol and a security breach given that they did not first survey the area. As a result, it appears that Khan was blaming Siya Mdluli, the sibling of K.O and AKA’s road manager.

It’s not the first time that Siya has been the target of mistrust. Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi, a contentious showbiz commentator and frequent podcaster, was the first to do so. A charge that has him in legal jeopardy is as follows:

Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi is no stranger to the courthouse. This is as the likes of Shimza have already taken the controversial former music executive to court for his previous utterances on their name. However, it seems that Nota has not learned his lesson as he was dragged to court yet again.

This time it was by Hip-Hop legend K.O who initially took Nota to court for alleging that his brother and close friend to the recently assassinated rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes when he alleged he was involved in his assassination. In what fits the description of a narcissist, instead of taking the onus of his actions, Nota preferred to continue spewing more accusations this time including K.O.

On Thursday, 9 March 2023, K.O had taken to Twitter to share a cryptic tweet about someone lying on his name and having to face the full might of the law. At the time, given his recent “beef” with Lady Du, it was unclear to who the tweet was directed.

However, Nota seemed to make things easier to deduce as he took to his own social media to then directly accuse K.O of being involved in AKA’s assassination.

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