Is Khanyi Mbau pregnant?

Is Khanyi Mbau pregnant?

Is Khanyi Mbau pregnant?
Is Khanyi Mbau pregnant?

Mzansi is never missing any baby news. Every year, a new addition makes a grand entry into the world and fans are always so excited and ready to join in the celebrations as their faves share glimpses of their pregnancy journeys; including baby reveal parties and lavish baby showers.

Khanyi Mbau’s legion of fans were in such a celebratory mood when she posted a a hot snap of herself that had many believing she has a bun in the oven.

Sadly, the radio and TV personality poured cold water on the congratulatory messages when she replied to some of her fans who had obviously missed her caption to begin with.

When the actress and presenter posted her image, she was well aware of some the comments she would recieve. We guess this is because she too, for a second, believed she was pregnant when she looked at her picture. However, it was all just due to bloatedness.

“Monopeachi (bloated not Preg bhatong 😂) woooh family planning nurses out on the loose,” she wrote.

Khanyi was definitely enjoying the comments, though, because when her followers were talking about seeing a bun in the oven and congratulating her, she laughed at them and reiterated to them that she was just bloated.

The reality TV star has one child, a teenage daughter who is as bubbly and confident as as her mom. Her daughter, Khanukani, is the daughter of former millionaire, Mandela, whom she was married to.

Khanyi is in a new relationship and she is happy with her new millionaire bae Kudzai Mushonga. Her last relationship was with Tebogo Lerole, and they had a good 10 year run. However, the couple officially split a year and a half after getting back together.

One of the few requirements to date the muso is that one has to have deep pockets, not only for himself but for her as well. Last year when she was single, she made it very clear that she wanted to star dating again but the person who were to take her out on a date had to be handsome and rich.

“I feel like going on date a very handsome rich man tomorrow night. Serious people only. Ps. I said handsome and rich. Tag me,” she tweeted at the time.

Speaking to Sizwe Dhlomo on his KayaFM Afternoon Drive show, she explained why she always goes for the wealthier men and sometimes good looking. Firstly Khanyi is not looking for love in a man, but the love can come afterwards as long as there is money first. Sizwe asked her if she is looking for love, she boldly stated that she tried this love thing with the man she dated for 10 years but it did not work out for them.

“The thing is with my relationships I treat them like how I buy a car or a house … you know what you want in the house. I know what my requirements are and I’m not going to back down.

“So many people confuse relationships and say, ‘Ah, I’m looking for love’ and two months down the relationship they’re looking for something else and that’s why they’ll never win because you haven’t made it clear what you want,” as quoted by TshisaLive.

Khanyi’s new bae is reportedly a 28-year-old Zimbabwean fugitive who is wanted by the Zimbabwean police over his involvement in a fraud scandal. Rumour has it that Kudzi has been eluding the Zimbabwean police for over four years now and he also allegedly duped a businessman out of $166 000 USD.

Another fun fact about Khanyi’s boyfriend is that he was also the youngest Zimbabwean to own an airplane back in 2016.

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