Karabo(Madam Spurs Madura) a girl who was involved in a car crash with your favorite Instagram influencer Cyan Boujee, explained how she didn’t even hear a thing during the car crash. Karabo tells the whole story of what occurred at the scene on her You tube channel

The two girls were heading to Pharaborwa  in Limpopo at some lodge where apparently Cyan was suppose to promote since she is an influencer.

The car crash happened and Karabo didn’t heard anything,she said she remembered being at the petrol station and the next day she wakes up in the hospital and had no idea what happened. Apparently Cyan doesn’t even have a driver’s license

So Cyan got out on the passenger side of the car where Karabo is stuck meaning her side of the car is more damaged but Karabo was more injured, both arms stuck yet she managed to get out.

Karabo was hospitalised and Cyan continued with her life like nothing happened, no stitches no nothing. She went to the same lodge they were going to and posted snaps tagging Karabo pretending they are together.

So Apparently the two girls stopped being friends after Karabo posted a reel on her Instagram of her healing process, Cyan asked her to bring down the videos and she refused then they blocked each other on social media platforms

Instead of cyan coming with her side of the story about what exactly happened, she went live with her drunk friend dishing out Karabo’s personal life

Cyan is such a horrible human being for that live, her n her friends making fun of bipolar and her saying things that karabo vented to her when they were cool, what a friend.

I cringed so much when they starting making fun of her mental issues. The way she kept emphasising that the friend was laying on her chest , and she prayed and looked for help so basically the friend is alive because of her. She’s so evil

The same person that’s saying karabo is bipolar once bought herself Valentine’s Day gifts and pretend as if her boyfriend bought it for her and once fake a pregnancy.

This Cyan and Karabo friendship just made me realise that I’m good without having a bestfriend in my life