LaConco under fire for lying about Petal

LaConco under fire for lying about Petal

LaConco under fire for lying about Petal
LaConco under fire for lying about Petal

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco has come under fire for lying about Petal on the second season of the hit Showmax’s reality show.

There was a great deal of interest in LaConnco’s love life throughout the whole season after viewers learned of her mysterious man named Petal. The reality show star even boasted about him and said he owns a Yacht. This came after Petal delivered flowers to her. Viewers were under the impression that Petal was a wealthy man, but not until Jojo Robinson dropped a bombshell that shook the entire South Africa.

According to Jojo, Petal does not own a yacht and he is not as rich as LaConco said. Today the second part of the highly anticipated reunion of RHOD season two, finally aired on the streaming platform, and it had viewers on the edge of their seats.

LaConco finally came clean about Petal when asked by Donovan whether Petal exists or he doesn’t. This season many people have been suspecting that Petal does not exist. When asked about him LaConco said: “He is breathing very well in flesh and blood. He’s alive so he is definitely a guy that I met and liked the character,” she said.

She said Petal is her “bestie” “So, I can call it a bestie,” she continued. When Dovovan asked her if he’s a friend LaConco said he is. This season viewers were shown a beautiful mansion LaConco filmed in during the second and third episode of the show. LaConco claimed it was her place, but it turns out she hired it to film there.

“You guys know exactly that I cannot film in my space. I did say that I am a tenant because I don’t own a title dee. She said he has never said she owns it.,” she said.

Tweeps have slammed LaConco for not being honest this season.






Last week LaConco trended after Tweeps praised Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku for mopping the floor with her. Thobile finally confronted her about throeing shade her at during her diaries and being mean towards her.

“Until this day I still don’t remember being cold to her. I really feel like she lied to herself until she believed in her own lies,” said Thobile.

“Her thinking that it’s a bridge we needed to cross honestly she took it too far, I really thinks she was trying to cover whatever attitude she comes to me because she has been insulting me, she has been showing that she hates me, as a result I was very surprised and shocked when she I saw her offering a hug, I was like, I have never seen this type of a devil on eart,” she added.

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