Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

Makhadzi breaks English into pieces. Makhadzi, a Mzansi superstar, is regarded as the diva of bolobedu music. A truth that the celebrity has emphasized by demonstrating how busy and booked she is. So much so that in recent months she has been accused of canceling some of the appearances she had been scheduled for.

In addition, the singer of the hit song Haka Matorokisi gained notoriety for most of 2022 and 2023 due to her on-again, off-again romance with producer DJ Master KG. For Makhadzi, singing was everything in 2022; however, it appears that she has slowed down this year.

She appears to have time to use social media as a result. However, it appears that she has the same amount of bandwidth in her English packages to last as long as she does on social media.

Makhadzi was raised in Limpopo and speaks TshiVenda as a primary language. As a result, even after achieving fame, she has done the majority of her interviews in her mother tongue in order to feel at ease enough to provide a relatable interview.

Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

Makhadzi does occasionally make an effort to talk and write in complete English sentences, though. But sometimes it doesn’t produce the kind of outcomes that it ought to. This is because she will typically receive ridicule and jabs for not understanding the language.

As a result, her most recent post attracted the same interest. During this time, Makhadzi addressed Michael “Mr Smeg” Bucwa on Twitter, who is well-known for inviting ZAlebs to lunch. He questioned Makhadzi once more. But tweeps got a good laugh when Makhadzi replied in English which left many wondering, “What is she actually saying?”

It is therefore not surprising that the majority of comments advised Makhadzi to adhere to speaking and writing in her native tongue. To comprehend what she wrote or said, those who do not understand must read the translation or the comments section.

“The thing I know about Makhadzi is that she will be speaking Tshivenḓa in that date and Mr Smeg won’t understand.” Wrote one tweep

Makhadzi breaks English into pieces

The message did confirm that Makhadzi is still very much unmarried, though. Despite rumors to the contrary, she did not reconcile with Master KG after their recent breakup. As stated:

One benefit of celebrity connections is that they can occasionally teach us to keep our opinions to ourselves. Makhadzi and Master KG, two of Limpopo’s best, prompted breakup rumors in December, but it seems that there is more to the tale than first appears.

Both of them appear to be tricking us. This comes after the Jerusalema hitmaker recently revealed the lineup for his birthday party. Makhadzi was left off, and his admirers were incensed.

A few days later, Master KG declared that Makhadzi would serve as “his queen” and hold the birthday party. The pair split up in December, so his comments caused some controversy.

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