Master KG & Makhadzi break up

Master KG & Makhadzi break up

Master KG & Makhadzi break up. In terms of the drama surrounding Makhadzi and Master KG, there is still a long way to go. Following Makhadzi’s Tweet that revealed Master KG’s 10s and implied that he was cheating, Master KG went on Facebook to announce their breakup.

Naturally, Makhadzi claimed that the popular tweet was a hoax and denied being its author. However, Master KG announced on Facebook that he and his Queen had broken up.

Master KG & Makhadzi break up

“It is sad to say this, but me and my Queen Makhadzi we no longer in a relationship but we continue working together to entertain our lovely fans going forward. Thank you,” the Facebook post reads.

While followers puzzled about why Master KG still refers to her as his Queen, Makhadzi replied to the post and said he was wrong. She advertised her upcoming One Woman Show 2023 by claiming that Master KG had intended to declare his love for her rather than breaking up with her.

“I will update [you guys with] a date and venue soon. He just did a typing error he wanted to tell you that he loves me and he can’t wait to come to my show. But this year we starting in Venda, then Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. KwaZulu-Natal as well,” she concluded.

The couple had split up before, so this wouldn’t be the first time. Master KG and Makhadzi denied rumors that they split up last year. After announcing their resignation, Sunday World raised a fuss.

“Baloi please drink water because this its not happening,” he said. Announcing their first legit breakup, Master KG took to his Facebook account to share that they broke things off to focus on their careers, “Me and Makhadzi parted ways months ago to focus on our careers. We are still young and we still need to achieve big things. Hope everyone understands and respects that,” he announced. Speaking to the publication on the break up, Makhadzi said: “The only thing I also want and I wish could happen just that it didn’t happen the way I wanted, I only want people to know Makhadzi for her performances and music besides my personal issues but because people already knew about my relationship there was nothing I can do but my wish is for them to know about my music only.”

“It’s always a good thing to work with him because when me and him collaborate it’s all about talent. He has his own talent and I have mine and we understand each other and everything we touch becomes a hit, and he’s the only producer whom I feel like we understand each other.”

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