Mbali Ngiba Reportedly Joins Real Housewives Of Durban

Mbali Ngiba Reportedly Joins Real Housewives Of Durban

Mbali Ngiba Reportedly Joins Real Housewives Of Durban.

The Housewives of Durban on Showmax is apparently getting a new cast member in TV actress Mbali Ngiba (RHOD)

Isolezwe Mbali has reportedly joined the reality series, which is about to begin filming for its third season. Sorisha Naidoo, Nonkanyiso Conco, Annie Mthembu, Nonku Williams, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, Londie London, and JoJo Robinson were all present in the previous season of RHOD.

Mbali Ngiba Reportedly Joins Real Housewives Of Durban

Mbali Ngiba Reportedly Joins Real Housewives Of Durban.

On social media, fans have been speculating about who might be joining this season, and the secret is finally out. Some of the cast members of the show won’t be returning when the new season premieres, according to the news source.

“Mbali is one of those who will appear in this program and the recording of the program is about to start. “There are those who will not return, but it will be announced soon,” said the source.

LaConco won’t be making a comeback in season 3, according to the source. Last season, LaConco caused controversy with her treatment of Thobile Mseleku. She was also accused of lying about her unidentified boyfriend.

When Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku confronted LaConco about treating her poorly during the season, she called a spade a spade.

LaConco did not like MaKhumalo from the beginning, and she even made fun of her arrival with Mseleku at a gathering for women that MaKhumalo hosted, saying she had anticipated a powerful person like Oprah Winfrey to be there. “You know I am expecting some private jets, red carpets, Oprah Winfrey is in Durban or some Beyonce has landed or somebody special, we were invited by Thobile. I have never been bored like this in my life.” she said.

Donovan questioned her about inheriting the feud from Mayeni, one of Mseleku’s wives, at the reunion.

“Absolutely not, It has got nothing to do with MaYeni. Thobile and I knew that there was a bridge we had to cross before. Maybe my weakness was when I saw the cameras, I couldn’t quickly just laugh before we crossed that bridge. Maybe that was my weakness and I am sorry for that. So, if she is able to do that, I couldn’t and it looked as if I had beef with her.”

When responding to her, Thobile was unapologetic. She claimed she had no recollection of being unkind to her, but LaConco persisted in pushing her buttons.

“I wouldn’t even say that I was confused, in life there will come a time where you will not be able to hide who you are, and I really never thought that she inherited any beef. It was just her being herself. Until this day I still don’t remember being cold to her. I really feel like she lied to herself until she believed in her own lies,” she said.

Thobile said LaConco has been taking a swipe at her and showing that she hates her. “Her thinking that it’s a bridge we needed to cross honestly she took it too far, I really thinks she was trying to cover whatever attitude she comes to me because she has been insulting me, she has been showing that she hates me, as a result I was very surprised and shocked when she I saw her offering a hug, I was like, I have never seen this type of a devil on earth.”

She said LaConco has been mean to her during her diaries but when she sees her she is not. “No I am being honest, how can you be so mean to me everywhere you can a chance and when you see me for the first time knowing that I have seen everything you have said about me and you give me a hug and call me sweetie.”

Although she claimed not to dislike her, she still intends to give her a hug if she encounters her. She continued by saying that she had expressed respect for Musa Mseleku and his wife, but MaKhumalo denied that she had said anything of the sort.

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