Mboro to take legal action against Bushiri

Mboro to take legal action against Bushiri

Mboro to take legal action against Bushiri
Mboro to take legal action against bushiri

Controversial prophets are at each other’s throats again. This time, Prophet Mboro Motsoeneng is set to sue Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for defamation.

According to a statement shared by TV and radio personality Kuli Roberts, Mboro will be taking legal action against Bushiri after the Malawian prophet allegedly posted on his social media that Mboro was accused of sexual misconduct. However, according to the statement, this was a reporting error from eNCA that was later rectified.

“The news channel was covering the story of Apostle BB Dingiso, who was arrested for several charges including sexual misconduct and murders. eNCA had a headline error that read “Mboro accused of sexual misconduct instead of “Dingiso accused of sexual misconduct,” the statement explains.

Mboro stated that Bushiri has always had a vendetta against him, “If he had listened to the news report and how the error was rectified, he would have spared himself the humiliation of spreading fake news about me. But not surprised, he has done this for many years. He was always on a mission to destroy me, but never won,” Mboro was quoted.

In 2020, Bushiri’s legal team slapped Mboro with a summons after he alleged that Bushiri is involved in a Forex commodity scam following claims of a woman who revealed that she had been scammed over 100K that she had invested in Bushiri’s gold and forex commodities scheme.

Reacting to the lawsuit, Mboro said he was not intimidated, “I will not back down from helping people in need because of summons which Bushiri legal team sent in attempts to intimidate and silence me. I will continue to stand up tall and defend, help, and speak for anyone who needs my assistance,” Mboro said in a statement.


Meanwhile, Bushiri and his wife were arrested in October 2020 after they handed themselves over to the police station in Silverton, Pretoria. They faced fraud charges, money laundering, and theft worth more than R102 million. The pair was later granted 200K bail each on condition that they hand in their passports and report to the nearest police station every Monday and Friday.

During this time, the couple had full support from the members of their church. The church’s spokesperson Terrence Baloyi said to the SABC, “The intention is clearly not to seek justice. The intention is clearly not to make sure that justice prevails at the end of the day. We can assure you the prophet and prophetess are innocent creatures of God; whatever they are charged with are charges that are baseless and cannot stand any test of any court proceedings. I can assure you, we feel this is nothing but a personal vendetta.”

A few days after the Pretoria Central Magistrate’s Court granted them bail, Bushiri released a statement revealing that they have fled to their home country Malawi temporarily because of safety and security concerns.

“There have been clear and evident attempts to have myself, my wife, and my family killed and despite our several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been State protection. Our coming to Malawi, hence, is a tactical withdrawal from the Republic of South Africa solely meant to preserve our lives.”


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