Minnie Dlamini’s Skincare Gets Criticized

Minnie Dlamini’s Skincare Gets Criticized

Minnie Dlamini's Skincare Gets Criticized

Minnie Dlamini, a media celebrity, founded her skin care company MD Skin Care over a year ago. After a fan criticized celebrity brands for failing miserably after launch, the very affordable skin care line was thrust into the spotlight on social media.

A tweep by the name of Nelly Nzima asked entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on his opinion about these celebrity brands and their longevity. She threw a bit of shade and said Minnie’s MD Skin Care now sells for R5 at Shoprtite, showing concern as to whether or not Minnie is making a profit for it or not.


“Why do SA celebrities struggle to launch successful brands? now that Minnie cheap skin care range is selling for R5 there by Shoprite, I doubt she’s making any margins there…they keep launching but don’t last that long even that Boity overpriced hair care won’t last,” said Nelly who got a prompt response from Phil.



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Phil said there is a disconnect between the brands, the influence of the brands and the targeted market which is their fans.


Another Twitter user claimed that it is frequently the product’s quality that causes consumers to be skeptical about purchasing it. Simply because it is Minnie’s product does not guarantee that people will buy it.

We guess the argument here is whether or not Minnie Dlamini’s fans are supporting her or not. The products are very affordable – the cheapest being R15 but are fans simply ignoring her side hustle?

Giving a review was Phil Mphela who said the products are not cutting it for him, but had to give her body wash some good review. “I have used Minnie’s products. The lotion didn’t do it for me but I don’t mind the body wash in winter. In summer the cream in the body wash can be a bit much for me though.”

Other’s chimed in and gave their own reviews:

@Great_Lioness: “I used it once and it had my eczema on steroids, I have never touched any of her products since then.”

@PitsiAfrica: “I love the Tropical Tropez body lotion, try that one.”

@OfficialZizipho: “I used the body wash and I was annoyed having to pump it while in the shower with wet hands. I took the gel put of the original bottle and used a squeezable bottle,” said Zizipho criticising the packaging



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