More drama as audio of Boity and Bujy’s physical brawl leaked

More drama as audio of Boity and Bujy’s physical brawl leaked
Boity Thulo and Bujy Bikwa. Picture: Instagram-audio of Boity and Bujy’s physical brawl leaked
Boity Thulo and Bujy Bikwa. Picture: Instagram

Shocking audio of a physical altercation between media personality Boity Thulo and radio personality Bujy Bikwa has revealed what happened the night Boity was rushed to hospital.

Following reports last week, Boity confirmed that she was assaulted and revealed that she had opened a case with the police following the incident.

In a statement released on Saturday, the “Wuz Dat” hitmaker revealed that she had opened a case against the offender without disclosing their name.

“It is with deep sadness to state that I was indeed an unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and that I have since opened a case against the culprit, which I am following with keen interest.

“I do not wish to comment on this matter any further (at this time),” read the statement.


  • Boity confirms she was physically assaulted


Audio of Boity and Bujy’s physical brawl leaked


“I respectfully request some space as I try to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally from this traumatic experience.”

She also went on to say that she had faith in the justice system and asked her followers on social media to “stand firmly against GBV”.

In audio that was shared with The Citizen and then posted on social media, Bujy and Boity can be heard berating and insulting each other.

The insults occurred after Boity, who is also a sangoma, started giving unsolicited readings.

“Is this how weak you are? With such aggressiveness?” Bujy asks Boity in the clip.

“I’m a bigger person than him. Everyone thinks he’s like… no one. No one know(s) who he is,” says Boity in the clip.

“He’s like a nobody. Every time he shows up anywhere, why is this guy even around?” she adds.

“I can receive that. I can receive that. It’s fine,” responds Bujy.

Someone can then be heard making a reference to Sodom and Gomorrah before Bujy calls Thulo’s ancestors fake.

“O thwasitse masepa, my love!” shouts Bujy at Boity. He then accuses her of lying and makes reference to her mother’s genitals.

“This is still okay, let’s see where your career goes!” replies Boity.

The people in the audio clip can then be heard shouting “no” in a moment that sounds like a reaction to Bujy emptying his drink all over Boity. He tells the crowd that he can do it again because “nobody says such bullsh**”.

“You’re just a fat f*** baby. Nobody knows who the f*** you are” adds Boity and Bujy screams “everybody is gonna know who the f*** I am after I f*** Boity up”.

The sounds of bottle breaking and screams can then be heard before someone yells “that’s a cut” and “guys, can we defuse this?”

Following the incident, Bujy reportedly spent the weekend at a Johannesburg Correctional Centre and appeared at the Midrand Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning.

Audio of Boity and Bujy’s physical brawl leaked

‘I Unintentionally threw a Glass At Boity Out of Frustration’ – Bujy Bikwa Releases Statement As He Narrates His Side of the Story

Socialite Bujy Bikwa has reportedly been released on R2 000 bail following his appearance at the Midrand Magistrates court today.

The former radio presenter now podcaster, spent an entire weekend behind bars for allegedly assaulting rapper and entrepreneur Boity Thulo. Bujy was apparently denied bail on Friday and it was postponed to Wednesday.

According to the Citizen, Bujy’s bail amounted to R2000 and had conditions which include him keeping his distance from Boity and to not contact any of the witnesses who were present during the said assault occurred.




Bujy Bikwa has finally released a Statement to narrate his side of what happened. Check it out





According to City Press, witnesses said they were arguing about ancestors and Bujy wanted to see of Boity’s ancestors would be able to protect her from him as he proceeded to throw a bottle at her. Her bloodied face was also left bruised and she was then rushed to the hospital.

Boity finally broke her silence to Sunday World about the matter and said, “I could tell he was becoming agitated, but I did not think he would take it that far. Before he attacked me, he said ‘let’s see if your ancestors will protect you’ and proceeded to throw a glass on my face,” she told the publication.

“I am in a bad place emotionally. I keep replaying this in my mind. Not only do I have to deal with the mental effects of his actions, I now have to see a plastic surgeon to see what can be done about the scars. In my line of work, I can’t afford to have a scar. That’s why I had the foresight to take out insurance for things like this,” she added.

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