Mr Smeg tries his luck with widow Babes Wodumo

Mr Smeg tries his luck with widow Babes Wodumo

Mr Smeg tries his luck with widow Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo has continued to make headlines since the death of her husband Mampintsha a few weeks ago, but for all the wrong reasons. But it appears that she’s going to start dating Mr. Smeg, a prominent figure on social media, very soon.

In the days following Mampintsha’s death on Christmas Eve, Babes Wodumo has been spotted playing live, announcing the release of a new track, and sharing a video showing her using her phone and social media accounts to get information. Babes Wodumo uploaded the video to her Instagram page.

Mr Smeg tries his luck with widow Babes Wodumo.

Mr Smeg has taken to social media to shoot his shot on Babes asking her out for lunch?

Will she, however, accept Mr. Smeg’s request to go out on a date? Mr. Smeg, whose real name is Michael Bucwa, is well-known for his previous associations with other prominent people, including Gigi Lamayne and Pearl Thusi. On Twitter, where he has dated several other users, he is as well known for his flirty manner. “Babes Wodumo is stunning”, Mr. Smeg wrote in one of his tweets while posting images of the gqom musician.

Mr Smeg tries his luck with widow Babes Wodumo.

The model and brand ambassador did not stop there; he also issued an invitation to the mother of one to go on a date with him.

He posted the following message on Twitter: “Hey Babes Wodumo, you are beautiful, and I love your music. Would you mind if I took you out to lunch today?

Five interesting things about Mr. Smeg that you probably didn’t know

The person who, whether he’s going on a hike, having a great time at an event, or on a long journey, always brings his red Smeg kettle with him.

1 In real life, he goes by the name Michael Mncedi Bucwa (36). He currently resides in Pretoria despite having been born and raised in Port Elizabeth’s NU 6 Motherwell neighborhood. He tells Drum, “We were brought up in a Roman Catholic church and I was brought up by my grandma who was a Sunday School teacher. “My grandma, a Sunday School teacher, raised me.”

2 Michael reports that while the school was under lockdown and he was spending a lot of his leisure time on social media, the idea for Mr. Smeg struck him.

“I’ve always had the ability to brighten people’s days and make them laugh,” she said. He says that people who have a good sense of humor will understand his jokes, even though they are often considered to be dry.

“The idea for Smeg came to me when I realized that brands play such a significant part in people’s lives, and that the fact that you are seen with a particular name brand conveys information about the kind of person you are.

“Sometimes people who have achieved success and acquired material wealth have a tendency to want to show it off, and because I come from nothing and I had to work hard, I found that to be funny. Therefore, I made the decision to play on that humor, and as a result, I became famous on Twitter.

3 Michael is qualified to work as an electrical engineer because of his education. He attended both the Volkswagen Learning Academy, where he studied Mechatronics Engineering, and Buffalo City College, from where he graduated. He has worked as a technician in East London since 2014. In 2018, he moved to Tshwane.

He states, “I am currently working for a large automotive company as an Engineering Systems Analyst.” [Citation needed]

4 Mr. Smeg places great importance on his health, and as a result of eating a diet heavy in protein, he is frequently seen cracking nine eggs at once. He is 179 centimeters tall and 80 kg in weight.

“I am following the Ketogenic diet to the letter, which entails eating a lot of fat, a sufficient amount of protein, and very few carbohydrates.” I deprive myself of food and perform strenuous workouts every day. “In addition to that, I’ve earned the rank of black belt in judo,” he says.

5 Because to his tweets, Michael now enjoys a positive working relationship with Smeg. Smeg offered Michael their Smeg espresso machine after noticing Michael’s posts and his appreciation for their goods. A Smeg espresso maker is now owned by Michael.

He was able to reach an agreement with Bogartman because of his extensive popularity and appealing features, which will see him appear in an advertisement and have his images utilized in some of the company’s marketing materials as an influencer.

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