Mzansi shocked at how much Duduzane Zuma is worth

Have you ever wondered how much Duduzane Zuma is worth? That is probably what a lot of people want to know too.

And maybe the reason you might want to know this is because of the he is living, the guy is living large, that is something that you probably can tell. He is living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and that is Duabi for those who might have not known.

He has an R18 million apartment in Burj Khalifa, you might know that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.

Now, that is probably an experience that is out of this world, from some of our views, it seems like Duduzane Zuma has managed to place himself in a favourable space as far as business is concerned.

It is not clear what business he does, but it looks like he makes enough to afford himself the life he has, now R18 million is a lot of money, that you probably agree to.

You probably did not know much about Duduzane’s networth and that probably made you curious because just how rich is someone who lives in an R18 million apartment?

For him to afford that, then he is quite rich and because there were some people who wanted to know to know this, some research was done. And according to Wikye, it is said that Duduzane is worth more than $15 million, it is probably no surprise that he has what he has.

Go to for more on this.

He has that much money because it turns out that he has invested in different businesses. Some probably find him influential because he has done a lot for himself, but could it be that there are other reasons?

We might never know, one thing you probably have seen is that women love the guy and he probably has been described as a young, rich black man.

These ladies probably see the full package and as you probably have noticed, he gets a lot of attention every time that he decides to head over to South Africa.

That is probably one thing you can take away, the love that a lot of people have for him, especially in his home country. He has been making waves, there was recently a dance challenge that trended and you are probably quite familiar with it, the DuduzaneChallenge.

A lot of people have done it and it could be that you are amongst those people. Go to for more on this.

It seems like Duduzane is now a favourite of a lot of South Africans, especially the ladies and that probably gets one aware of what he has built himself to be.

All this that is happening probably would not be happening if he was just a Zuma by name, somehow he has found a way to be unique.

He stands out even though he holds a popular surname, that might one of the reasons that he has gotten a lot of people interested in what he is about.

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