Nadia Nakai speaks highly of DJ Zinhle



Nadia Nakai speaks highly of DJ Zinhle

Nadia Nakai speaks highly of DJ Zinhle.

In a recent interview with OKMzansi, Nadia Nakai praised DJ Zinhle, who is the ex-boyfriend of AKA.

Despite having AKA between them, Bragga and DJ Zinhle get along well.

Despite being the mother of her lover’s child, the rapper claims Zinhle doesn’t give off any negative vibes.

Nadia says to have always respected DJ Zinhle, even before they began dating AKA.

“I’ve always respected her as an artist, as a mom, as a businesswoman. She’s somebody that I look up to and I’ve always looked up to even after Kiernan…So walking into this situation she really made me feel comfortable. I did not feel that weird energy from her like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t like being around you,’ she told the blog.

“She really embraced me which then also made me become comfortable. Kiernan set the precedence for both of us to make me feel comfortable as his girlfriend and not make me feel weirded out by my situation. He really was cognizant in making sure I feel comfortable,” she added

Speaking of AKA and Zinhle’s daughter, Kairo Forbes, Nadia Nakai says the little girl is respectful and they are both cool.

Nadia Nakai speaks highly of DJ Zinhle.

“She’s the sweetest kid ever. She’s so respectful,” gushed Bragga. She then adds, “She is well rounded, she’s a good kid.”

“I love being around her as well, so everything just became easy and I think God just made sure everything worked out perfectly,” she added

Snapshots posted on social media show AKA Nadia Nakai, Kairo Forbes, and their family members having a fantastic time together while on vacation in Sun City.

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