Questions To Ask Before Dating Him

Questions To Ask Before Dating Him

Questions To Ask Before Dating Him


Despite how hard it is to find a man, a woman should not rush into dating.

Dating and romantic relationships can be really hard because good men are hard to find these days.

If you are looking to get into a happy and long lasting relationship you are advised to take your time and learn more about him before getting into a relationship.

There are tones of questions you should get answers before committing to a relationship.

Are you married?

This question is very crucial, and you should never forgo asking it.

A significant number of Nairobi women tend to forget this and end up being second wives or side chicks.

Please do not wait until it’s too late; ask him as soon as possible!

What plans do you have for the future?

This question will help give you insight into what this man plans for his future.

Do not wait for months or years to finally know that the man you are dating is not your type of man.

Ask this question right out, and clear this topic to figure early if he is the kind of man you want to be in a relationship with.

How do you relate to your mother?

Often, a man’s relationship with his mother echoes and reflects what he thinks about women in general.

If he loves and cares for his mother, he could also be a gentle and loving man who appreciates women.

But if he despises his mother, he might as well despise you.

Why did your previous relationship end?

The answer he gives you to this question will give you insight into what kind of man he is.

Don’t forget to carefully listen to how he describes and refers to his ex and whether or not he takes the blame for their breakup.

Do you like your job?

It is important that the man you are dating loves his job and is pleased with it.

The reason is that if your man loves his job, he will be happy, but if he hates it, he will probably be miserable even in your love life.

He does not necessarily have to be making fortunes out of it, but it’s important that he loves what he does.

Are you a spender or saver?

Among the causes of conflict in many relationships is money.

It is important to know his spending habits and get an idea of what to expect before getting into that relationship.

What are your addictions?

We all have addictions. Some of them are life threatening, while some are rather harmless.

If he Is addicted to beer or bang, you ought to know, so do not shy off from asking him about it.

What are your hobbies?

It is important to know what your man loves to do during his free time.

His hobbies will tell you a lot about him and his life goals.

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