Real reason why bishop Desmond condemned the anc

Real reason why bishop Desmond condemned the anc

Desmond Titus and Cyril Ramaphosa

Desmond the archbishop played a role in the fighting of freedom and south Africa being the democratic country that people get to experience today has fallen.

Bishop Desmonds death is one that keeps people talking because he has such a great impact in the world and it is this impact that made him to be well Known and respected.

Desmond was a key person in fighting for justice and also human rights, he was against the xenophobic violence that was in south Africa and this made him to be the voice for the voiceless in south Africa.

Bishop Desmond tutu always believed that the truth is power, according to how things stand in south Africa, equality remains to be the biggest problem in the country and corruption also has increased.

this is because of most of the leader’s that after riches and fame and respect, Desmond was against all this saying that corruption will not lead the country to the right path.

Bishop Desmond tutu managed to have influence in the world and poverty was something that he was willing to fight for in the country, he is described to be a great tree of life’s by many people around the world.

Tutu will be remembered for his words or Wisdom and his willingness to tell the truth to turn leaders of south Africa.

This Is the qualities and the values that made archibishop Desmond tutu to be different and also to be able to get the respect that he was able to earn.

He was known as a powerful leader and influential was close to the African National congress and he started to distance himself from The party for failing to deal with corruption and also poverty and also xenophobic violence in The country, it looks like Desmond tutu discovered that the African national congress failed to deal with many issue’s in the country.

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