SA celebrities who are allegedly not proud of their tribe origins/ languages

SA celebrities who are allegedly not proud of their tribe origins/ languages

There are others who have no idea where they came from and have given up their identity in the name of fame and high standards. Have you ever observed that some South Africans never speak their mother tongues or home languages? That’s the first indication that you’re not proud of who you are.

In this post, we’ll look at South African celebrities who are reportedly ashamed of their tribal or language backgrounds. Check out below

Ricky rick

Ricky rick

Have you ever heard the rap artist; Riky Rick speaking or singing an African language line? Never! There are rumours that this rap star was born in Limpopo Venda, well, he was actually not born in Venda, he even made it clear to his fans on social media:

“Being born and mostly raised in Durban and my father’s side being Venda in Mankweng is a mix I’ll always be proud of but at times I’ve felt conflicted about who I am culturally and historically,” he told fans on social media.

This simply means that he is half Venda and half Zulu, but what’s surprising it is that he never speaks even Zulu

Babes Wadumo

Babes wadumo

Despite the fact that Babes Wodumo’s family is from Swaziland, she never speaks Swazi. Babes Wodumo’s family reportedly relocated to South Africa. It’s unclear if the family migrated to South Africa before or after Babes was born.

Her traditional wedding outfit was a Swati traditional attire. The reason I say she is not proud it is that she never even tries to speak Swati, she always speaks Zulu.

DJ Maphorisa

DJ maphorisa

Did you know that DJ Maphorisa is a half cast with a Nigerian father and a South African mother. He speaks South Africa’s; Sepedi language.

Have you ever heard him speaking one of the Nigerian languages? Does he even know how to speak those languages? Well, I highly doubt. The interesting thing about this Pretoria born star it is that he is able to speak more than three of the South African official languages.

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