The Best Top 100 African Baby Boy Names and their meaning 

The Best Top 100 African Baby Boy Names and their meaning

The Best Top 100 African Baby Boy Names and their meaning
The Best Top 100 African Baby Boy Names and their meaning

In this article we will be looking at : 📝

  1. What are popular African names?
  2. South African boy names
  3. East African boy names-Uganda and Kenya
  4. West African boy names-Ghana and Nigeria
  5. North African boy names
  6. African American boy names

Africa is a vast continent. It’s home to over 3,000 ethnic groups, with almost as many languages. And the African diaspora spans the globe. So when we talk about African boy names, the category is wide.

African names for boys come from naming traditions that are complex, rich, and varied. They speak to the status of the family’s well-being at the time of the birth of the baby, family birth order, spirituality, time of birth, and hopes for the future.

Africa is often defined as  humanity’s birthplace because the richness of language and tradition on this continent is unique and powerful.

The Most Famous or Popular searched African baby boy names:

What are the most popular African names?

Here are some of the winning entries:

  1. Abdullah. Servant of God.
  2. Amari. Meaning eternal. This name pops up in cultures all over the world, including Yoruba.
  3. Bongani. The grateful one.
  4. Femi. The full name is usually Olufemi. Which means God loves me. The Femi part means love me. Which is also lovely.
  5. Tumaini – Of Kenyan origin meaning “hope”.
  6. Lethabo. Often shortened to Thabo, this popular name means happiness and joy.
  7. Kofi – Of African origin meaning “born on Friday”.
  8. Ola. Popular in West Africa but also with roots all over the world, Ola means high or arise.
  9. Sipho. Gift. 🎁 You’re welcome.
  10. Siyabonga. Thank you. We are grateful.

And now let’s take a trip around the continent. ✈️ 🌍

South African boy names

(South Africa is a country. The Southern African region includes Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Our names come from all of these places.)*

  1. Amogelang. Receive. 🙏🏾
  2. Arno. Afrikaans with Germanic roots, Arno means eagle.🦅
  3. Bandile. The family is growing.
  4. Dakarai. A Shona name meaning happiness. And there’s Dakarai Allen, if you’re looking to inspire a baller in the house. 🏀
  5. Jabulani. The one that rejoices.
  6. Junior. Yeah, this little name never goes out of style.
  7. Kamogelo. Welcome. 💛
  8. Katlego. Success! 🎉
  9. Lubanzi. A Zulu name meaning Love of God
  10. Melokuhle. Of Xhosa origin, Melokuhle means to stand for what is right.
  11. Mpho. Meaning gift 🎁, this lovely name is gender non-specific.
  12. Onkarabile. God has answered our prayers.
  13. Rufaro. God has answered our prayers. 🙏🏾This name has Shona origins.
  14. Sbusiso. Blessed. 💗
  15. Simbarashe. The Power of God. And if you’re looking for cute african boy names, this mighty name shortens to sweet Simba.
  16. Sizwe. A common Zulu name with a unifying meaning: nation.
  17. Tau. Lion. 🦁
  18. Teboho. Thankful. Peace.
  19. Thulani. The quiet one.
  20. Tshepiso. Promise.

East African boy names

(East Africa includes Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Réunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Somaliland, Tanzania, and Uganda.)

  1. Abasi. Means stern. Don’t mess with this little guy.
  2. Amare. With its Ethiopian origins, it means handsome boy.
  3. Azizi. The precious one.
  4. Badru. Born at the full moon. 🌕
  5. Bwana. Sir. Gentleman. The big boss.
  6. Dalmar. An interesting Somali name meaning versatile.
  7. Damu, the child of Enki, the god of vegetation. 🥬 A fruitful start.
  8. Ibrahim. Father of many children.
  9. Jomo. Farmer. 🚜
  10. Juma. Born on a Friday.
  11. Mosi. First born child.
  12. Mwenye. Owner. Lord. Boss. A real power name.
  13. Omari. Praise God.
  14. Radhi. Forgiveness.
  15. Tafari. He who inspires awe. 🌠

West African boy names

(West Africa is made up of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha.)

  1. Abiola. Of Yoruba origin, this name means born in honor and riches. 💸
  2. Abrafo. A Ghanaian name meaning warrior.
  3. Addo. For the King of the Road.
  4. Adisa. The clear one. Worth having at least one of these in a family.
  5. Amadi. Free man.
  6. Babatunde. The father has returned.
  7. Baako. For the firstborn child.
  8. Chidike. God is strong.
  9. Chinua means God’s Own Blessing—a great name to have when Things Fall Apart. 📕
  10. Chuks. Short for Chukwuemeka, it means God did great things. (And don’t you just want to call every cute baby Chuks?)
  11. Dzigbode. A name from Ghana that means patience.
  12. Fela. Happy and lucky. And, um, Fela Kuti. ♪♩
  13. Jawara. Lover of peace. 💙
  14. Kaikura means like a squirrel.🐿️ Might be appropriate?

North African boy names

(This area includes Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.)

  1. Ahmed. Highly praised or praising.
  2. Ashraf. Distinguished. Noble.
  3. Baahir. Dazzling, bright and brilliant. ✨
  4. Babu. In Egypt, this means Osiris’s firstborn. Osiris is the God of, amongst other things, fertility and agriculture.
  5. Bahman. The 11th month of the Persian calendar, Bahman means snow avalanche.
  6. Bassel. Brave.
  7. Essam. Safeguard. Protect.
  8. Gamal. God is my reward.
  9. Halif. Ally. One who promises.
  10. Hasani. Handsome one—the name every mama wants to give her son.
  11. Khalid. Immortal.
  12. Mahmoud. The praised one.
  13. Malik. King. 👑
  14. Moustafa. As one of the names of Muhammad, it means chosen one.
  15. Nabil. Noble.
  16. Nakia. Pure and faithful.
  17. Ramses. Son of the sun god, Ra. ☀️
  18. Shakir. Grateful.
  19. Tariq. To strike. To take action.
  20. Youssef. God grows in power.
  21. Zuberi. Strong.

And because Africa expands beyond the continent:

African American boy names

  1. Antoine. A French name that appears all over the globe, Antoine means praiseworthy.
  2. Cornell. A popular name after one of the smartest birds in the world— the crow.
  3. Darius. Rich and kingly. 👑
  4. Darnell. The hidden spot. 🔍
  5. Demetrius. An ancient Greek name, it means earth lover. 🌱
  6. Denzel. Wild one. What are strong male names? This one might top the list.
  7. Elijah. God is powerful.
  8. Grady. An old Irish name meaning noble.
  9. Izaak. Laughter. 💖
  10. Jayden. Thankful. 🙏🏾 And from sportsmen to musicians, there are a bunch of famous ones.
  11. Jeremiah. God will uplift.
  12. Kofi. Born on a Friday.
  13. Marcel. Young warrior. Belonging to Mars.
  14. Marquis. An old French name that means noble.
  15. Raffiel. Healer.
  16. Terrell. Stubborn.
  17. Terrence. Smooooooth.
  18. Treyvon. Gift from God shining from the sun.
  19. Xavier. Of Spanish origin, it means bright, splendid, new. 🔆
  20. Zahair. Blossoming. 🌼

African Baby Boy Names With Swahili Origin

Check out our picks of some of the most popular African boy names with Swahili origin.

1. Abasi – Of Swahili origin meaning “stern”.

2. Abdalla – Of Swahili origin meaning “servant of God”.

3. Azizi – Of Swahili origin meaning “the precious one”.

4. Badru – Of Swahili origin meaning “one who is born on the full night”.

5. Balozi – Of Swahili origin meaning “ambassador”.

6. Barack – Of Swahili origin meaning “thunderbolt, lightning or blessing”.

7. Daudi – Of Swahili origin meaning “beloved”.

8. Haji – Of Swahili origin meaning “born during the hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca”.

9. Hamidi – Of Swahili origin meaning “to be commended”.

10. Hamisi – Of Swahili origin meaning “born on the fifth day of the week”.

11. Issa – Of Swahili origin meaning “God is salvation”.

12. Jabari – Of Swahili origin Meaning “fearless, brave one”.

13. Jabarl – Of Swahili origin meaning “comforter”.

14. Jafari –  Of Swahili origin meaning “creek”.

15. Jahi – Of Swahili origin meaning “dignified”.

16. Juma – Of Swahili origin meaning “someone born on Friday”.

17. Omari – Of Swahili origin meaning “God the highest’.

18. Omarr – Of Swahili origin meaning “thriving, long life”.

19. Rafiki – Of Swahili origin meaning “friend”.

20. Rajabu – Of Swahili origin meaning “born in the seventh month of the Islamic calendar”.

21. Rashid – Of Swahili origin meaning “thinker, counsellor”.

22. Salim – Of Swahili origin meaning “peaceful”.

23. Tumaini – Of Swahili origin meaning “hope”.

24. Yazid – Of Swahili origin meaning “becoming greater”.

25. Zaim – Of Swahili origin meaning “flowering”.

26. Zain – Of Swahili origin meaning “flower”.

27. Zane – Of Swahili origin meaning “well-born, noble”.

28. Zvi – Of Swahili origin meaning “good”.

African Baby Boy Names With Ghanaian Origin

If you’re looking for African boy names with Ghanaian origin then these names are for you!

1. Abrafo – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “warrior”.

2. Addae – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “the morning sun”.

3. Addo – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “king of the road”.

4. Adeben – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “twelfth born”.

5. Adisa – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who teaches others”.

6. Agyei – Og Ghanaian origin meaning “messenger from God”.

7. Botwe – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “the eighth born”.

8. Bubune – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “honour to him”.

9. Danso – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is reliable”.

10. Domelvo – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “do not take others for the value of their face”.

11. Dzigbode – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “patience”.

12. Eric -Of Ghanaian origin meaning “ever or eternal ruler”.

13. Evans – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “God is good”.

14. Fynn – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “derived from the name of the Offin river”.

15. Isaac – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “he will laugh, he will rejoice”.

16. Kojo – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Monday”.

17. Kofi – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Friday”.

18. Kwabena – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Tuesday”.

19. Kwaku – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Wednesday”.

20. Kwame – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Saturday”.

21. Kwasi – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Sunday”.

22. Malike – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “I will be established”.

23. Mawuli – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “there is a God”.

24. Yafeu – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “a bold and strong man”.

25. Yaw – Of Ghanaian origin meaning “one who is born on a Thursday”.

African Baby Boy Names With Nigerian Origin

Here’s our list of African boy names with Nigerian origin.

1. Abaeze – Of Nigerian origin meaning “branch of the kings”.

2. Abayomi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “brings great joy”.

3. Abeo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “the bringer of happiness”.

4. Abiola – Of Nigerian origin meaning “born in honour, wealth”.

5. Adan – Of Nigerian origin meaning “a huge bat”.

6. Ade – Of Nigerian origin meaning “royal”.

7. Adebiyi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “the royal one”.

8. Adedayo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “the crown has turned to joy”

9. Akunna – Of Nigerian origin meaning “father’s wealth”.

10. Aren – Of Nigerian origin meaning “eagle”.

11. Azi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “youth”.

12. Azibo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “youth”.

13. Chimaobi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “God knows the heart”.

14. Chinua – Of Nigerian origin meaning “blessing of the Almighty”.

15. Beluchi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “provided God approves”.

16. Edet – Of Nigerian origin meaning “born on a market day”.

17. Effiom – Of Nigerian origin meaning “crocodile”.

18. Ekon – Of Nigerian origin meaning “strong”.

19. Enofe – Of Nigerian origin meaning “one who is rich”.

20. Ganiru – Of Nigerian origin meaning “good luck”.

21. Ikemba – Of Nigerian origin meaning “strength of the nation”.

22. Jaja – Of Nigerian origin meaning “God’s gift”.

23. Kelechi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “glorify God”.

24. Mobo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “freedom”.

25. Mongo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “a famous man”.

26. Oba – Of Nigerian origin meaning “the King”.

27. Obi – Of Nigerian origin meaning “heart”.

28. Tayo – Of Nigerian origin meaning “boy full of happiness”.

29. Uzoma – Of Nigerian origin meaning “one born during a journey”.

Baby Boy Names With African Origin

You’ll love our picks of African baby names. From traditional names like Kwame to popular names like Amari, you’ll find them here.

1. Abebe – Of African origin meaning “flower”.

2. Ajani – Of African origin meaning “he who wins the struggle”.

3. Amadi – Of African origin meaning “free man”.

4. Amari – Of African origin meaning “possesses great strength”.

5. Badu – Of African origin meaning “the tenth child”.

6. Chiamaka – Of African origin meaning “God is splendid”.

7. Chidi – Of African origin meaning “God exists”.

8. Davu – Of African origin meaning “the beginning”.

9. Fabumi – Of African origin meaning “gift of God”.

10. Fela – Of African origin meaning “warlike”.

11. Hanisi – Of African origin meaning “a person born on Thursday”.

12. Idi – Of African origin meaning “born during the Id al-Fitr festival, marking the end of Ramadan”.

13. Jaafan – Of African origin meaning “small river”.

14. Jabir – Of African origin meaning “comforter”.

15. Kaikura – Of African origin meaning “ground squirrel”.

16. Kasim – Of African origin meaning “controller of anger”.

17. Kellan – Of African origin meaning “powerful”.

18. Kendi – Of African origin meaning “loved one”.

19. Kenyatta – Of African origin meaning “a musician”.

20. Kimoni – Of African origin meaning “great man”.

21. Kirabo – Of African origin meaning “gift from God”.

22. Kofi – Of African origin meaning “born on Friday”.

23. Kojo – Of African origin meaning “born on Monday”.

24. Kwame – Of African origin meaning “born on Saturday”.

25. Mablevi – Of African origin meaning “do not deceive”.

26. Mosi – Of African origin meaning “born first”.

27. Naiser – Of African origin meaning “founder of clans”.

28. Odion – Of African origin meaning “first child of the twins”.

29. Oringo – Of African origin meaning “he who likes to hunt”.

30. Panya – Of African origin meaning “mouse”.

31. Shaka – Of African origin meaning “chief”.

32. Simba – Of African origin meaning “lion”.

33. Sultan – Of African origin meaning “ruler, king”.

34. Tanishia – Of African origin meaning “born on Monday”.

35. Tau – Of African origin meaning “lion”.

36. Tibor – Of African origin meaning “it is forgotten”.

37. Uchechi – Of African origin meaning “God’s will”.

38. Zaire – Of African origin meaning “the river that swallows all rivers”.

39. Zuri – Of African origin meaning “good, beautiful”.

African Baby Boy Names With Ugandan Origin

Take a look at these African baby boys name with Ugandan origin.

1. Akello – Of Ugandan origin meaning “I have bought”.

2. Bale – Of Ugandan origin meaning “home of the Mutima clan”.

3. Dembe – Of Ugandan origin meaning “peace”.

4. Kabaka – Of Ugandan origin meaning “king”.

5. Kaikara – Of Ugandan origin meaning “traditional name of God”.

6. Kato – Of Ugandan origin meaning “the second born twin”.

7. Lutalo – Of Ugandan origin meaning “flightier, warrior”.

8. Mukasa – Of Ugandan origin meaning”God’s chief administrator”.

9. Ochen – Of Ugandan origin meaning “one of the twins”.

10. Ojore– Of Ugandan origin meaning “warrior, man of war”.

11. Okello – Of Ugandan origin meaning “born after twins”.

12. Zesiro – Of Ugandan origin meaning “first born of twins”.

13. Zev – Of Ugandan origin meaning “older twin”.

African Boy Names With Kenyan Origin

Here’s our picks of African boy names with Kenyan origin. With so many lovely and unique names to choose from, which will you pick?

1. Absko – Of Kenyan origin meaning “power and strength”.

2. Alamini – Of Kenyan origin meaning “trustworthy”.

3. Chiumbo – Of Kenyan origin meaning “little”.

4. Gicicio -Of Kenyan origin meaning “mirror”.

5. Jimiyu – Of Kenyan origin meaning “born during the dry season”.

6. Jomo – Of Kenyan origin meaning “a farmer”.

7. Makalani – Of Kenyan origin meaning “clerk”.

8. Natori – O Kenyan origin meaning “bird”.

9. Obama – Of Kenyan origin meaning “the enchanting support to someone”.

10. Okeyo – Of Kenyan origin meaning “one who born during the harvest”.

11. Onkwani – Of Kenyan origin meaning “he who talks a lot”.

12. Othenio – Of Kenyan origin meaning “give birth by night”.

13. Otheiambo – Of Kenyan origin meaning “one who was born in the evening”.

14. Owour – Of Kenyan origin meaning “one who was born mid morning”.

15. Pili – Of Kenyan origin meaning “second child”.

16. Reth – Of Kenyan origin meaning “the King, the ruler”.

17. Ruhiu – Of Kenyan origin meaning “sword”.

18. Sarki – Of Kenyan origin meaning “chief”.

19. Sokoro – Of Kenyan origin meaning “lucky one”.

20. Tumaini – Of Kenyan origin meaning “hope”.

21. Wambua – Of Kenyan origin meaning “born during the rain”.

22. Warui – Of Kenyan origin meaning “one who comes from the river”.

23. Yaro – Of Kenyan origin meaning “son”.

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