The reason Khanyi’s daughter Cannes had to grow up without a father 

The reason Khanyi’s daughter Cannes had to grow up without a father

The reason Khanyi's daughter Cannes had to grow up without a father 
The reason Khanyi’s daughter Cannes had to grow up without a father

One of the biggest mysteries of Khanyi Mbau’s life is who is her baby daddy, and where is he now? She rarely talks about him, and knowing their history, we understand why. But considering their history and how much of a public figure he was, it’s actually a genuine question: what happened to him?

Khanyi mbau and daughter

You may not even know who he is as he has been gone from her life for many years now and has no known contact with their daughter Khanukani aka Cannes. Khanyi’s baby daddy is Mandla Mthembu, a renowned businessman who has since just disappeared from the spotlight.

Khanyi and Mandla had quite the toxic relationship according to reports. The two were married when she got pregnant with Cannes, but her fragile state did not stop the millionaire from allegedly being physically violent towards her. In fact, he is said to have pushed her down the stairs, an injury which forced her into preterm labour, which is how she had her beautiful daughter. Can you imagine that?

On top of that, Mandla is said to have carried on an affair with Zodwa Wabantu while he and Khanyi were still married. According to Khanyi, as she revealed to MacG on his podcast, he cheated on her because she could not give him the “gifts” he wanted as she was heavily pregnant at the time. She did not want to be touched, so he sought the “gifts” in Zodwa’s arms.

She further said she and Mandla never had a deep conversation the whole time they were together, and it was always about how to spend money and what luxury items to buy next.

It all went to hell when he went broke, as it often does with people who hinge most of their personality on their net worth. He started drinking heavily and became abusive, which is how Khanyi found herself in labour at the bottom of the staircase.

As of 2022, nothing is known of Mandla’s whereabouts; it’s like he simply fell off the face of the earth. There is a Twitter page by his name, but it doesn’t seem like it’s actually him as the man in the photos looks too young to be 65, which is how old Mandla is rumoured to be. He has no further detectable social media presence, and the public knows very little about his friends and family.

Interestingly, Khanyi thought he genuinely loved Zodwa, but to the best of our knowledge, the dancer also cut all contact with him. As she revealed in her reality show, she left her past behind, and we guess that includes him too.

Well, there we have it. What exactly happened to this millionaire who went broke? Is he okay wherever he is? Did he just choose a private life, or did something happen to him?

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