These Incredible Beach Sand Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind

Sculptures Made from Sand

incredible sculptures
incredible sculptures

These incredible Sculptures are so amazing it’s hard to believe they made from sand. Take a look and see which one is your favorite.These sand sculptures are the work of the talented artist Toshihiko Hosaka who has been making art with sand for over twenty years.

Hosaka started making art sculptures when he was still in school and later turned his hobby into something extraordinary. His masterpieces are created using sand, water and a handful of tools. Some take him hours to build and others can take days or even weeks but the results are always breathtaking.

His latest win was at the Fulong International Sand Art Festival, in Taiwan, where his sculpture of the legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto helped him take first place.

This talented Japanese artist is credited as being one of the best sand sculpture artists in the world. He has participated in many sand carving competitions around the world and his talents have helped him take first place in most of them.

Being made from sand these sculptures don’t last long so to preserve them Toshihiko Hosaka sprays them with a special product that hardens the outer layer of sand, preventing sun, wind or rain from damaging it for a few days.

Which is your favorite?
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