This is what will Happen if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

This is what will Happen if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

Almost all of us have thought about going on a diet at one time or another. For some it’s just a passing desire to shed a few pounds before a party; for others, losing weight is a struggle that lasts many years. However, one Swedish doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt, has suggested it’s time to stop believing in myths about food and listen to the signals your body sends you. As is well known, we get energy from two different sources: from carbohydrates, which includes sugar;from fat.

For many years we’ve been told that fat is bad and that the only way to get thin is to eat low-fat products and celery. However, giving up sugar rather than fat is worth paying much more attention to. If you do, something very interesting will happen:

Once you’ve stopped worrying about consuming fat (in reasonable quantities) and given up sugar, you’ll be able to stay slim on a permanent basis, and as a bonus you’ll have overall better health, more energy, and great skin and hair.You’ll no longer feel the need to check the calorie intake for everything you’re buying. Yet your waist will be the first thing to decrease in size.

If you give up sugar for as little as three days, you’ll soon notice a new feeling of satiety, and consequently you’ll feel satisfied despite eating less food. Many people who try this say they no longer want to eat a large supper and don’t even think about food until the next day’s breakfast.


A rough three-day menu


Scrambled eggs with ham or bacon Boiled eggs with a small amount of mayonnaise Coffee with cream Cottage cheese (no less than 5% fat) with berries Pancakes made with almond flour A salad with green vegetables and olives


Meat dishes: meat cutlets, meat fried with onion Soups (excluding the carbs, apart from potato and beans)Salads (made with any vegetables and with vegetable oil)Fish dishes (excluding anything with large amounts of carbohydrates)


Roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, bell peppers)Thick sauce made from eggs and prawns Toast with avocado and salmon Any of the options from breakfast

Remember that any of these meal choices are interchangeable, and you should eat as much as you want and whenever you feel like doing so. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to try preparing ordinary food in new ways.

If you stick to this system for a while, you’ll be surprised to discover that you’ve dropped several clothes sizes. At the same time you’ll feel hungry less often, will be free of problems with your intestine and/or blood pressure, and be more energetic.

Most importantly, this method can put you in charge of your body and your life.
Plus, you’ll want to eat less cake.

Source Andreas Eenfeldt, LCHF

This is what will Happen if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

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