This is why Mzansi believe Mampintsha is too full of himself

This is why Mzansi believe Mampintsha is too full of himself

This is why Mzansi believe Mampintsha is too full of himself
This is why Mzansi believe Mampintsha is too full of himself

Mampintsha Shimora is a controversial man however you look at it, especially from his marriage to Babes Wodumo, who is constantly stirring up something. But this time, he trended on his own merit, as tweeps think he is too full of himself.

The music producer recently went on social media to talk about his fees. In a video, he said that he charges R100K to feature in an artist’s song. He is THE Mampintsha aka Shimora, which is why he will accept nothing less than that amount, he explained.

But tweeps did not share his enthusiasm for his own talent, and they immediately tore into him. They questioned why he would charge that high a fee, when according to them, nobody even listens to him anymore.

The most common critique was that he thinks much too highly of himself, and needs to be knocked down a few pegs. They further believe that his pride and sense of self importance have blinded him so much that he can’t see that he is now a washed up artist whose winning streak ended a while back.

Other fans came in to question the merit of his charging the artists upfront, when he could get his money once the song goes big, as a percentage of the royalties.

In response, another tweep argued that he probably does it that way because he knows he is washed up, so he cannot take the risk of not getting paid if the song doesn’t become a hit. Back when he was a bigger fixture in the industry, that model could have been viable. But now that he has fallen off, he is using upfront payments as a mode of insurance.

However, it does make you wonder, if his charges are that high, will he really be approached for features? If fans don’t like his music anymore like they used to, does it make financial sense, as a fellow artist, to approach Mampintsha and pay R100K upfront, only for the song to perform poorly in the end?

The musician and his wife Babes recently made the headlines when she went on a series of rants which burnt things down. First, she insulted her mother-in-law and called her all manner of derogatory names in the book.

She then turned to Makhadzi, whom she accused of having an affair with Mampintsha. She insulted her too, called her smelly, creating the weirdest drama for adults to be caught up in.



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