This is why South Africans Should Stop blaming ‘Nigerians For Pr0stitution

This is why South Africans Should Stop blaming ‘Nigerians For Pr0stitution


South African have started another protest against Nigerians saying #Nigeriansmustfall and all this is because of a video of a South African woman stripping nak_ed and dancing in front of some Nigerian men circulated heavily on social media.

And now South Africans are saying Nigerians are the cause of turning South African women into pr ostitutes. Honestly speaking guys do you believe that this is true well i don’t, South Africans says that they intoxicated the woman to behave the way she was behaving but that is all trash.

How can they tell if she was drugged or not were you all their when it was happening to me it seemed as if she did it at her own will no one forced her or drugged to do what she was doing. South Africans should really think things through before they talk cause in the video she didn’t look like someone that was drugged, drunk or forced she was dancing willingly they are wrongly blaming the Nigerians for something they didn’t do.

That is why Nigerians are now questioning if they are also to blame for Zodwa wabantu.Zodwa wabantu is well know for dancing n_aked in front of many South Africans but no one has said anything about her being drugged.

Now South Africans should stop misjudging people out of fear, Nigerians are not to blame for what that lady was doing for all we know she could have been doing it to earn or for pleasure because she didn’t seem drunk.

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