Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021

Let’s Take A Closer Look At These Countries To Determine Their Corruption Levels And Rate Of Crime,Based On The World Corruption Rates Statistics.

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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021 Photo:@Antonella865 | Dreamstime

10. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Most sectors of the economy in this country suffer from rampant corruption, in part due to the fact that President Sassou Nguesso is able to interfere with government institutions.
Source: Gan Integrity Inc.

9. North Korea

Corruption in the country stems from the government restricting all civil and political liberties, including freedom of expression, assembly, association, and religion. It also prohibits all organized political opposition, independent media, civil society, and trade unions.
Source: Human Rights Watch

8. Libya

Bribery and favoritism are common practices in all sectors in this country. Companies also face unfair competition from state-owned businesses, which dominate the local market. The institutional framework to combat corruption is weak, and the rule of law is undermined by political instability and violence.
Source: Gan Integrity, Inc.


7. Equatorial Guinea

While a wealthy county, public funds are mismanaged and high-level corruption continues. Other abuses include arbitrary detention and unfair trials. Source: Human Rights Watch


6. Sudan

Bribery is widespread in all sectors of the economy due to a judicial system that is inefficient and is plagued by corruption. Gifts are prohibited under South Sudan’s laws, but minimal enforcement results in facilitation payments being widespread.
Source: Gan Integrity, Inc.


5. Venezuela

Venezuela Edgloris Marys
Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021

While the legal framework criminalizes several corruption offenses, including extortion, passive and active bribery, enforcement is very weak. And bribery of foreign officials is not illegal.
Source: Gan Integrity, Inc.


4. Yemen

As a result of political upheaval, businesses find it hard to navigate this country due to patronage networks and nepotism. While the government does have anti-corruption laws, bribery and gifts are widespread.
Source: Gan Integrity, Inc.


3. Syria

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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021

Bribery is the most common type of corruption in Syria. The Penal Law in the country does not designate bribery as a crime in the private sector. Accepting gifts for doing an official duty is most common in the judicial system.
Source: Syrian Economic Forum


2. Southern Sudan

Bribery is widespread in all sectors of the economy. The country’s judicial system is inefficient and plagued by corruption and a culture of impunity. While gifts are prohibited by law, there is minimal enforcement.
Source: Gan Integrity Inc.

1. Somalia

Somalia Sadık Güleç
Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021

Corruption takes the form of government officials tolerating illegal activities in return for bribes. Bribery is common in procurement contracts.
Source: Gan Integrity Inc.


This is a list of most corrupt countries in Africa as of 2019 according to a recent report released by Transparency International. Somalia still remains the most corrupt country in Africa followed by South Sudan while Botswana is the least corrupt country in Africa. Let’s take a look at the full list below starting with the least corrupt to the most corrupt countries.

CPI – Corruption Perceptions Index

Country CPI Score
1. Botswana 61
2. Seychelles 60
3. Cape Verde 55
4. Rwanda 55
5. Namibia 51
6. Mauritius 50
 7. Sao Tome and Principe 46
8. Senegal 45
9. South Africa 43
10. Burkina Faso 42
11. Lesotho 42
12. Tunisia 42
13. Ghana 40
14. Morocco 40
15. Benin 39
16. Swaziland 39
17. Zambia 37
18. Côte D’Ivoire 36
19. Tanzania 36
20. Ethiopia 35
21. Algeria 33
22. Niger 33
23. Egypt 32
25. Gabon 32
26. Togo 32
27. Djibouti 31
28. Liberia 31
29. Malawi 31
30. Mali 31
31. Gambia 30
32. Sierra Leone 30
33. Kenya 28
34. Mauritania 28
35. Comoros 27
36. Guinea 27
37. Nigeria 27
38. Uganda 26
39. Cameroon 25
40. Mozambique 25
41. Madagascar 24
42. Central African Republic 23
43. Burundi 22
44. Zimbabwe 22
45. Congo 21
46. Democratic Republic of the Congo 21
47. Chad 20
48. Eritrea 20
49. Angola 19
50. Equatorial Guinea 17
51. Guinea Bissau 17
52. Libya 17
53. Sudan 16
54. South Sudan 12
55. Somalia 9

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