Tweeps weigh in on the Lady Du-Andile Separation “she will miss this Andile guy badly”

Tweeps weigh in on the Lady Du-Andile Separation “she will miss this Andile guy badly”

Tweeps weigh in on the Lady Du-Andile Separation "she will miss this Andile guy badly"
Tweeps weigh in on the Lady Du-Andile Separation “she will miss this Andile guy badly”

Lady Du and her husband Andile Mxakaza recently revealed that they were separated. Mzansi has strong feelings about it, and they are not sparing her.

From Lady Du’s announcement, she made it sound like an amicable decision, agreed upon by both of them, to go their separate ways. She said they both decided to go their separate ways before it got ugly, painting a very mature picture of the breakup.

However, fans did not see it that way. As you would imagine, they expected a juicier story about their separation; at least more dramatic than just “we decided amicably”.

They took to social media to express their feelings about the separation, as well as to speculate on why it happened. They were looking for the “real reason”, since the singer’s reason was not satisfactory.

A common sentiment among fans was that Lady Du had grown too big for her britches, and started thinking she was too good for Andile. Tweeps think that since she has had a few successful gigs, she has been overhyped to the point that she now believes she is the prize.

Another critique is that Lady Du used Andile when she thought he was beneficial for her career, but now that she has gone big, she no longer sees his use, so she has discarded him.

They are cautioning her against the move, warning that it will end in premium tears for her. As an Amapiano artist, one tweep warned, her shelf life is quite brief, so she won’t be big in about a year. As such, they think she should hold on to her marriage because she will miss Andile otherwise.

“One thing about amapiano Vocalists they quickly lose the juice..

Each and every year There’s a new talent that takes over

Lady Du won’t make waves like last year..

She will miss this Andile Guy badly!!” Wrote one tweep

“Black On Black Hate Is Just Too Much… People Delight On Other People’s Down Fall, Evil Is So Tangible On This App, To Say Someone Is Not Going To Succeed Is Actually Dark And Satanic… Mara Why Vele, Why?”

“I guess the Guy his no longer making cash. She forgets that she wanted to kill herself and Andile saved her. Now she’s making more money and think she’s better than him.”

But it’s not just Lady Du who is catching heat for the break up, as it seems tweeps can’t decide which of them to side with.

He, too, is getting dragged for being unable to keep a woman. He has been compared to his character on Isibaya, who was dumped too. They are also speculating that he ran broke, which is how Lady Du started to see him as useless, leading to the breakup.

“Well we don’t know maybe that guy is the problem and our Wawa was just getting rid of it in her life”

The actor has since come forth with a statement blaming witchcraft for the separation. He says they know the woman who is behind it all, even though he has neglected to expose her

Of course he is being dragged for that too. Tweeps think those are the last kicks of a dying horse, and that he must be hurt that he has lost access to Lady Du’s millions.

Wherever the chips may fall, the separation has been tough on the couple’s loyal fans. We hope both parties find a safe space to heal in their own time.

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