Viewers of ‘The Wife’ are tired of the s*x scenes

Viewers of ‘The Wife’ are tired of the sex scenes

Viewers of ‘The Wife’ are tired of the s*x scenes.

The Wife watchers this week got to see what transpired after Qhawe and Naledi’s collision, which left Naledi needing surgery while Qhawe was left with only minor wounds.

In keeping with the dramatic tone of the show, she discovered that she needed surgery, which was ironically carried out by her colleague (Tsietsi). She was soon released from the hospital and sent home to recover with the help of her father and boyfriend.

This happened following a brief hospital stay where her sister (Tshedi) overheard their father informing an unconscious Naledi that if a life-threatening situation arose between the two of them, he would chose to save Naledi over Tshedi.

Chief Kgosi and Qhawe continued to plot against one other on The Wife, which subjected viewers to more awkward, absurd dialogues between them.

Tshedi acts in a certain way.


Hlomu dealt with the fallout from the altercation she got into at her restaurant’s grand launch elsewhere in the plot. Hlomu also appears to be beginning a new relationship with an unexpected person. An affair that Mqhele will probably use as justification to mistreat Hlomu once more.

There were scenes with Sambulo and Xoli in between the drama with Hlomu and the drama with Naledi, and the majority of The Wife fans have complained about the sex scenes, claiming that they are overdone and unnecessary at this stage.

The plotline involving the illegal diamond trade also took a backseat this week in favor of Naledi and Hlomu, but the chief and his allies were able to learn this week that the Zulu brothers are to blame for their problems.

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