Yaya Mavundla speaks on self love and boundaries.

Yaya Mavundla speaks on self love and boundaries.

Yaya Mavundla speaks on self love and boundaries.

Yaya Mavundla, a multi-award-winning transgender activist and media personality, had a fantastic year in 2022 and intends to continue inspiring others in the coming year.

“The things I accomplished were the highlights. My ambassadorship with Sorbet & Exuviance growing from strength to strength, my clothing line Queer Comfort and exploring the world was exciting.

“The challenges I faced taught me a lot about myself and that on its own was a highlight,” she tells TshisaLIVE.

In order to further strengthen her position as a voice in the entertainment industry, she has several “exciting, yet terrifying” projects planned, including the return of her Mzansi Queer Festival in March 2023.

“I want to do things that challenge me, that I like and make me happy.”

Yaya feels it’s critical to clarify myths even though she is unconcerned by social media skeptics.

“I’ve been labelled a diva and difficult to work with a few times, before people got to know me, judging me from face value, and that has been people assuming I am that person. Knowing better and wanting better isn’t being difficult, really wanting what is best for anything you put your name on.”

One of Yaya’s best choices has been to let her art speak for itself, and as she develops, she makes sure to stay loyal to who she is.

“Not everyone deserves access to me. I can’t help and be there for everyone all the time, not everyone will understand you or your vision and that it really is OK for me to put myself first and the world after.”

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