Zodwa’s Gig canceled by Botswana Government(see why)

 Zodwa’s Gig canceled by Botswana Government(see why)

Botswana's Government Canceled Zodwa's Gig (see why)
Botswana’s Government Canceled Zodwa’s Gig (see why)

Looking at the issue of entertainment in mzansi and many other parts of Africa in general over the past 10 years going backwards, We have been having more than enough fun at our Gigs, festivals,parties and many other types of events without there being strippers be it male strippers or female strippers however all that change when zodwa Wabantu rose to fame some few years back.

Ever since Zodwa Rose to fame she has been getting way too many gigs in a way that events promoters from other countries looked at the whole idea of having her at their shows as q good one, and she started getting international gigs right away, But then it seems like her going international shall not include Botswana for she has been banned that side.


Take It easy Music Festival Patrons & Followers:

We Regret to inform you that our Main Act for Today’s Show – Zodwa Wabantu wont be able to attend the Event due to reasons/circumstances beyond our control which some of them include restraintments from The Laws Of Botswana. Recently Zodwa Wabantu was slapped with a Warrant Of Arrest for violiating the Laws Of Botswana & Humanity Ethics on her last Gigs/Performance in Botswana.

Even if she was to bypass the Restraining Orders from the Botswana Police, the Bogosi Leadership of Maun Village were Against her performing here in Maun today!

We are truly sad to deliver this Announcement to you all as we know that you have been waiting for this day with keen intrest

We ask for Generous understanding from you all!🙏”


Looking at this statement this is quite obvious that the the reason why Zodwa was banned to go that side was because they strongly belive that her making her appearance Half naked in public spaces is very wrong,So now look around Mzansi we have foreigners from different African countries doing us wrong day and night yet we don’t cast them out of our country we just call the police were necessary and stuff like that,So now looking at what the government that side did to Zodwa do you think it is fair or not? She was not going on one of thier events but that organized by private individuals,

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