10 Apps You Should Have In Your Phone

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10 Apps You Should Have In Your Phone

10 Apps You Should Have In Your Phone
10 Apps You Should Have In Your Phone

If you just keep Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber aside, there are many apps that won’t use up your time and actually come handy. We depend so much on our phones, certain applications make our lives easier than it already is, making us more dependent.

Let’s have a look at 10 apps you should have in your phone


Uploading photos and videos to social media and sharing them with the world has become an important part of our lives. Isn’t it inconvenient when you can’t see recordings in their proper orientation because they were shot vertically? Or when some photos appear to be too small because they aren’t the appropriate size? Horizon is an app that can solve such issues regardless of how your phone is held.

Sleep cycle power nap

A personal favourite app which helps you enjoy a nap and saves you from accidentally taking a long sleep in the middle of the day. Research shows that power naps or short, quick naps are more refreshing than the long ones, hence this app can prevent you from oversleeping. The app sets an alarm to an appropriate length of time for a nap and plays a gentle alarm to wake you up, it also has a single sleep mode and recovery nap mode.

Nu Skin TR90

Need help to keep a track of your weight? This is the app you need, it keeps track of your waistline, keeping a track of the intake of food and records exercising activities. Your health-related tasks are noted to help you keep yourself fit and healthy. Now you can depend on this app to help you achieve the weight you targeted.

Action movie fx

We all know there are apps which allow you to insert stickers and special effects in your pictures but did you know there’s an app which can put cool special effects to the videos while recording? Get this app and you can add effects which can make your videos totally unique and you can also get a huge array of additional effect with a minimal extra fee!


Everybody needs a ‘to-do list’ and what makes it better is the Any. Do app, it makes sure everything you need to take care of is right in front of you as a reminder. There is a feature in the app ‘Moment’ which helps you take a glance at what needs to be handled immediately.


This app can help you make share payments with anyone, you can also send requests to a particular person for payments. It’s easy and quick!

Wake up alarm clock

Snooze, you can never just press it once, so if you’re tired of hitting snooze over and over again then this is the app you need. If the alarm starts it won’t stop unless you have walked 10 steps, it forces you out of bed and you can adjust the steps up to 100 to make sure you don’t walk back to bed instead of starting for school or an important meeting.


RadarScope will give you the most appropriate and up to date radar views of the world, you will know exactly what the weather will be like. It is exactly like reading what the weather man is reading and this is your app if you’re enthusiastic about the weather.

Tunein radio

This app gives you access to over 100,000 radio stations including sports station where you can find out what your favourite team is doing. This is not only for the sports lovers but also for the music lovers.

Safe trek

If you feel unsafe, you must have this app! Even if you’re not scared, this app can come handy, the ‘Hold until safe’ in the app calls the police automatically and notify them where you are if you just let your phone go. This a way better idea than pepper spray winning about 5 stars across the board. It is one the best safety apps.

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