Top 10 Richest Pastors In Africa 2021

10 Richest Pastors In Africa



Learn more about Africa’s wealthiest pastors. If we were to name one thing that Africa is blessed with, it would be powerful, affluent pastors. In short, when it comes to determining the most popular pastors in the world, Africa is the leading continent. This leaves us in a state of awe and befuddling our minds with a plethora of questions. Could it be that, as with the Israelites in the past, God has decided to favor Africa these days? Could it be, even better, that Africa is a wonderful holy land fertile in the creation of God’s servants?

Here is the list of richest pastors with their estimated net Worth

1.Pastor Alph Lukau – Net Worth $1,000,000,000

Pastor Alpha Lukau

Who could better maintain the first position in our list of richest pastors in Africa apart from Pastor Alph Lukau? With a net worth of $1 Billion, we do not see any other pastor to put before him. He is definitely the richest not only in Africa but in the whole world. Yes, Pastor Alph Lukau is the richest pastor in the world. He is the Founder, Senior Pastor, and General Overseer of the Alleluia Ministries International (AMI). This Prophetic and Apostolic Church has its headquarters in South Africa. Worth noting is that it also has branches in different parts of the world. These branches move across Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and Dubai.

Do not let the figures around his Net Worth trouble your mind for he did not reach such an amount just by preaching the gospel. He also stands out as one of the most successful African businessmen.

2. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri – Net Worth $150,000,000

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

For the second spot on our list of Africa’s wealthiest pastors, we couldn’t think of anyone better than prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Perhaps we overstated in our remarks because Bishop Oyedepo is valued at $150 million as well. Bishop Oyedepo, on the other hand, has been preaching for nearly a century. That is why we are unable to present him before Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a younger preacher who has managed to gain access to such personalities. Anyone who knows numbers will agree with me that this is a substantial quantity of money. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, often known as Major 1, is a Malawian prophet from Lilongwe.

He is the Founder, Senior Pastor, and General Overseer of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) of God. His ministry has headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa. ECG claims several church branches across Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and Dubai.

3. Bishop David Oyedepo – Net Worth $150,000,000

Bishop Oyedebo preaching in church

We love Bishop David Oyedepo because he is the dangerously rich pastor among our list of richest pastors in Africa. These are not my words but his. What else will you give a pastor who uses his own mouth to say that he is dangerously rich? Indeed, no one can argue the fact that he is rich. God has greatly blessed him when it comes to finances and spirituality. He owns three universities of reference in Nigeria. They are Landmark University, Crown University, and Covenant University. He started these universities alone without the government’s assistance. This is to say that we can’t afford to omit Bishop David Oyedepo when listing successful and accomplished businessmen in Africa.

He is the Founder, Senior Pastor, and General Overseer of Faith Tabernacle International. He owns the largest church in Nigeria with 50,000 seats and branches around the world.

4. Pastor Enoch Adeboye – Net Worth $130,000,000

We couldn’t find any pastor who could stand the Net worth of Pastor Enoch Adeboye for the fourth position in our classification of the richest pastors in Africa. Pastor Enoch Adeboye is the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). He is the famous pastor who ordained Bishop Oyedepo and his wife as pastors. His wealth can be underestimated in any way. He abandoned his life ambitions and educational certificates to answer the call of God. And God has not failed him in terms of financial blessings

His church is one of the largest in Nigeria. It has branches in 186 countries around the world. And all those branches are doing well. We can figure a private jet and cars among his many possessions. This can only tell how rich he is.

5. Bishop Ayodele Oritsejafor – Net Worth $120,000,000

Bishop Ayodele is a name that must appear on any list of Nigeria’s wealthiest pastors. He is not only one of Nigeria’s wealthiest people, but also one of Africa’s richest pastors. He has been preaching for more than a century. And there is no doubt that his wealth justifies our classification of him as one of the wealthiest pastors. The Word of Life Bible Church’s Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor is him. His ministry began in 1979, after he was reborn in 1972. After attending a theological school in California, he began his ministry.

Since the creation of his ministry, it has amazingly grown in population to become one of the largest churches in Africa. His church has headquarters in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is the first Pentecostal Leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

6. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Net Worth $50,000,000

Pastor Chris is a name that most Christians in Africa and the rest of the globe are familiar with. This is one of Africa’s wealthiest pastors, and we can’t afford to leave him out of our list. Christ Embassy’s Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor is him. He has been a preacher of the gospel for a long time. He has also ascended to the top of the wealthiest. His church members are said to be powerful businesspeople, according to reports. Pastor Chris is not just a pastor, but also one of Africa’s most inspiring motivational speakers.

He encourages and supports his Christians in overcoming the hardships of life and becoming successful. In addition, the pastor has diversified interests which cut across magazines, hotels, record labels, TV Station, real estate, satellite TV, and newspapers. In addition, his ministry has over 40,000 congregants.

7. Pastor Tshifinwa Irene – Net Worth $42,000,000

Pastor Irene turns to be the only female pastor that features on our top list of richest pastors in Africa. She is the Senior Pastor of Divine Truth World Restoration Service. According to the pastor, her church is out to restore world peace in the likeness of our savior Jesus Christ. She is also a televangelist and her messages are broadcast to all angles of the world. He church is located in Venda from where she preaches the message of love and peace. She is not only one of the richest in Africa but the world at large. She has a huge following. Her congregants love her very much and she’s been like a mother to them for all these years.

8. Pastor Ray Macaulay – Net Worth $28,000,000

Pastor Ray Macaulay is one of the popular African Pastors who has successfully made his way into the list of richest pastors in Africa. The headquarters of his church is situated in South Africa. He began his church immediately after his training in 1979. Worth noting is that his family began supporting him from the very first day of his church. Although many people sometimes perceive him as controversial, he has successfully raised a huge following over the years. And today, he is one of the top richest pastors in South Africa. His wealth and possessions can testify this saying. He is the Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church.

9. Prophet Uebert Angel – Net Worth $25,000,000

Hailing from Masvingo, Zimbabwe, prophet Uebert Angel started his ministry in Manchester, Britain. This was in the year 2007. He is the Founder and General Overseer of the Spirit Embassy. Worth noting here is that before entering into ministry, Prophet Angel was already a successful businessman. And even after starting his ministry, his entrepreneurial journey did not stop. It rather quadrupled. And today, he is one of the most successful African entrepreneurs. He stands as the CEO of several companies located in different areas of the world. His church’s headquarters are in Britain with church branches all round the world. That’s why we can’t afford to omit him from our list of richest pastors in Africa. He also owns a non-profit charitable organization that is aimed at making life possible for those who can’t afford the basic needs of life. He is the spiritual father of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

10. The late Prophet T.B. Joshua – Net Worth $15,000,000

It would be a mistake to leave Prophet T.B. Joshua out of our list of Africa’s wealthiest pastors. On a weekly basis, his church welcomes worldwide guests. He was the Synagogue Church Of All Nations’ Founder, General Overseer, and Senior Pastor (SCOAN). His Church’s headquarters are located in Nigeria. Unlike other well-known pastors who spread their churches to every corner of the globe, the prophet Joshua was not on board with this plan. He claims that he was only capable of being in one place at a time. As a result, there was no need for him to expand his church to every corner of the globe because God has not directed him to do so.

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