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10 The Secret Things Men Love About Women

10 The Secret Things Men Love About Women

#1. Men LOVE women who are always positive and confident. Women who don’t criticize other women or complain about their own personal flaws a lot are completely irresistible to guys.
#2. Guys love pony tails! They’re fun, flirty, and frankly remind them of sex. So wear ’em!
#3. A woman wearing a skirt or dress is both rare and amazing. Play up your unique femininity with a cute summer dress or swishy skirt!
#4. The ultimate key to attraction? CONFIDENCE! A woman who stands firm in her beliefs, doesn’t seek his approval, and believes in herself no matter what will attract men like bees to honey.
#5. Be upfront about what you want. Guys don’t take hints and can’t win at guessing games, so just tell them what you’re looking for!

#6. Men love feminine women. This doesn’t mean Barbie, it means a woman who is soft, kind, nurturing, emotionally grounded, and womanly.
#7. Men are attracted to women who aren’t clingy. The attractive women have their own lives, dreams, ambitions, and things that are important to them that keep them busy.
#8. The woman who isn’t anxious or nervous is incredibly attractive. She isn’t scared off by particular people, places, or situations.
#9. Guys love a girl who drinks beer and will watch the game with them.
#10. Be adventurous! The exciting girl who initiates exciting and sometimes dangerous activities is nothing less than stellar in his eyes.

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