106 Visa-Free Countries for South Africans

106 Visa-Free Countries for South Africans:

106 Visa-Free Countries for South Africans. The most recent Henley & Partners Passport Index for 2023 lists the countries where South Africans can visit without a visa.

With a visa-free score of 192, the Singapore passport was discovered to be the most potent. Germany, Italy, and Spain tied for second place with a score of 190.

With a combined score of 189, several first-world nations, including Austria, Finland, France, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden, tied for third place.

Afghanistan ranks last on the list with a score of 27, falling behind Syria and Iraq, who both received scores of 29 and 30.

227 trip destinations and 199 passports were examined, with a ranking of their travel power given. According to the investment migration consultant, each passport is graded based on how many total places its owner can visit without a visa.

“For each travel destination, if no visa is required, then a score of 1 is allocated for that passport. This applies if passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) upon entry,” said Henley & Partners

With a score of 106 for visa-free travel, South Africa ranks 52nd out of 104 nations, almost in the middle of the pack. The nation rose three spots from 55th place in the previous year.

As a result, holders of South African passports are permitted to enter 106 countries without a visa. Visa-free entry for South African passport holders is now permitted in Burundi and Gambia.

If one can afford to travel overseas due to the high cost of living, one must consider further rising costs in addition to aircraft tickets. Domestic passport prices increased by 50% in November of last year, from R200 to R600. Larger books are now R1,200 for jet setters.

The previous update barely occurred a decade ago, according to minister of home affairs Aaron Motsoaledi, who also noted that they were three times less expensive than many other nations.

Criminal organizations have also created a mockery of the South African passport by using it to smuggle people into and out of various nations, launder money, and promote corruption.

According to Motsoaledi, the price increase is also an effort to protect the document’s standing in the international community.

106 Visa-Free Countries for South Africans

The 106 countries that South Africans can visit without a visa are listed below, per the most recent Henley & Partners report.


Angola Kenya Seychelles*

Benin Lestho Sierra Leone*

Botswana Madagascar* Somalia*

Burundi* Malawi St. Helena*

Cape Verde Islands* Mauritania* Tanzania

Comoro Islands* Mauritius The Gambia

eSwatini Mozambique Togo*

Ethiopia* Namibia Tunisia

Gabon Nigeria* Uganda*

Ghana* Reunion Zambia

Guinea-Bissau* Rwanda* Djibouti *

Zimbabwe Senegal


Argentina Ecuador Nicaragua

Belize El Salvador Panama

Bolivia* Falkland Islands Paraguay

Brazil Guatemala Peru

Chile Guyana Uruguay

Costa Rica Honduras Venezuela


Cambodia* Malaysia Sri Lanka*

Hong Kong (SAR China) Maldives* Tajikistan*

Indonesia Nepal* Thailand

Kyrgyzstan* Pakistan* Timor-Leste*

Laos* Phillipines South Korea **

Macao (SAR China)


Antigua and Barbuda Dominican Republic St. Lucia

Bahamas Grenada St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Barbados Haiti Trinidad and Tobago

British Virgin Islands Jamaica Turks and Caicos

Cayman Islands Montserrat

Dominica St. Kitts and Nevis





Russian Federation

Middle East

Armenia* Jordan* Qatar

Iran* Oman

Israel Palestinian Territories


Cook Islands Micronesia Samoa*

Fiji Niue Tuvalu*

Marshall Islands* Palau Islands* Vanuatu

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