14 Most Successful School Dropouts

14 wildly successful high school dropouts


14 Most Successful School Dropouts

14 Most Successful School Dropouts
14 Most Successful School Dropouts


14 wildly successful high school dropouts

  • Richard Branson dropped out at 15. …
  • David Karp dropped out at 15. …
  • Nicole Kidman dropped out at 17. …
  • Aretha Franklin dropped out at 15. …
  • Joe Lewis dropped out at 15. …
  • Mike Hudack dropped out at 16. …
  • Philip Emeagwali dropped out at 13. …
  • Quentin Tarantino dropped out at 15.
 14 Most Successful School Dropouts
14 Most Successful School Dropouts

Amin one of Uganda Longest Serving President Never Stepped in Class

Much as Education is the key, and the light of the world, but there are several people who had been successful in their own way who are have never stepped in class and some dropped out and have no written documents to support their education but have been successful in their own way.

14. After Failing every subject except English, Al Pacino dropped out of his New York high school and Joined Film acting.

13. John Lennon a popular band Musician was chased from Liverpool college and Decided to join a music band, He is the founder of the Beatles band Popular U.K band.

12. Jack Dorsey the co-founder of twitter Joined Missouri University of Science and Technology, then Dropped out and shifted to New York where he joined New York University and also dropped out before finishing. He now has wealth net worth of 2.3 Billion Dollars, two times the net worth of Sudhir (1.2 Billion Dollars) the richest Ugandan (Source Forbes n Wikipedia).

11. Brad Pitt was studying to be a Journalist but dropped out of the University of Missouri two weeks graduation, he is now the actor, Popular in Movies like the Troy (2004) Mr and Mrs Smith (2013) and the most recent World War Z (2013) He is the husband to the most popular Female Actor/Actress Angelina Jolie (Salt)

10. Natasha Bedingfield, Ranked as the 66th Most popular and greatest woman in Music Industry ever Withdrew from university of Greenwich, She is Popular in Uganda with her song ‘Love like this’ (Remixed with Sean Kingston)

9. Paul Allen the Co-founder of Microsoft Dropped out of Washington State University in 1974 and they, with Bill Gates Founded Microsoft in 1975. He is now ranked by Forbes as the 26th Richest man in America (U.S) with Net worth of 17 Billion Dollars.

8. Lady Gaga one of the most Popular Musicians in the world dropped out of NewYork University (NYU) After her Year one.
7. Idi Amin, a P4 drop out, was the the president of the Republic of Uganda for 9 years (1971-1979), he is one of the most porpular presidents in Africa and the whole world.

6. Oprah Winfrey the most influential woman and the most loved woman in the world, Who is debated to be the richest Black American in the whole world dropped out of Tennessee State University.

 14 Most Successful School Dropouts
14 Most Successful School Dropouts

5. Steve Jobs (R.I.P) the founder of Apple the Richest Software Company dropped out of Reed College

4. Abraham Lincoln Probably the best President of the United States ever left School at the age of 12 to help his Parents (Dad and Step Mum) in the farm.

3. President Obote the founder of the Republic of Uganda, a Hero who fought for Ugandan Independence was Chased from Makerere University because of leading a strike.

2. Mark Zakerberg the founder of Facebook, with the rich net worth of over 100 Billion Dollars (2019 Forbes report) also dropped out of Harvard College.

1. Bill Gates ,The co Founder of Microsoft with Allen Paul also dropped out of Harvard University. He is the richest Individual in the whole world with the net worth of 80.1 Billion Dollars (Forbes 2014) Remember The total of all things Produced in Uganda including the Beans and Irish Potatoes you produce at home and all the services (GDP) in 2014 totalled to 50 Billion Dollars (Est U.N) compared to Billigates’ 80.1 Billion Dollars net worth.

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