14 ways to make R1000 a day in South Africa 

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14 ways to make R1000 a day in South Africa

14 ways to make R1000 a day in South Africa 
14 ways to make R1000 a day in South Africa

South Africa is experiencing a severe and urgent unemployment issue. According to estimates, the country’s unemployment rate will reach above 35% in 2022, making it one of the highest in the world.

South Africa is trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, while wealthy countries have made tremendous progress. The country’s job crisis, however, did not begin with Covid. South Africa had been reeling from an economy that struggled to keep enough people working even before the outbreak.

Although South Africa has Africa’s most advanced economy, impoverished African countries do a better job of keeping their citizens employed.

Due to a shortage of suitable work prospects, an increasing number of South Africans are venturing out to discover new business or freelance opportunities.

In this article, let’s look at 14 things you can do to make R1000 a day.


In South Africa, starting a blog is still one of the greatest ways to earn a steady income. Although it is not 2008, the demand for information remains high.

While the glory days of blogging are mostly passed, there is still enough new material to fill your new blog every day.

You can start a blog on anything, from local news to specialty themes such as finance, technology, and blockchain.

There is an entire universe of concepts and subtopics surrounding blockchain, for example, with more being generated every day. You may, for example, concentrate on NFTs or Decentralized Finance.

Blogs that focus on a single topic perform better and earn more than blogs that cover a wide range of topics.

To make R1,000 per day with a finance blog, for example, you only need roughly 3000 visitors per day. To make a similar amount of money with a general knowledge blog, you may need upwards of 20,000 visits.

While blogging can be a lucrative career, it demands a great deal of patience and persistence. It’s not uncommon to go months without receiving a penny for your efforts, but once your authority is established, there’s a lot of money to be made.

You simply need a basic understanding of the internet to start a blog.

You’ll need to choose a Content Management System (CMS), with WordPress being the most popular option. After that, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan.

Paid surveys and research

You’d be astonished at how many businesses are eager to pay for people’s opinions.

Many South Africans who are just starting to earn money on the internet prefer to take paid surveys online. True, there are numerous frauds out there in which money is either demanded from you or you are not reimbursed thereafter.

There are, nevertheless, a few legitimate survey platforms. Swagbucks is one of the oldest and most popular survey services on the internet. MyPoints and InboxDollars are two others.

Naturally, the majority of these survey websites are searching for feedback from people in the United States or Western Europe. However, polls in which South Africans’ opinions are sought are common.

None of these sites will, by alone, earn you R1,000 per day. As a result, it’s a good idea to extend your wings as widely as possible while simultaneously avoiding money-grabbing frauds.

You will not be charged for your opinion, as a general rule. Sites that promise you additional levels or packages in exchange for a fee or a chance to earn more are almost always frauds.


Flipping is another way you can make good money doing honest work. Basically, it means buying items at a bargain and selling them for a profit. You can do this fulltime or even part-time.

There are many ways you can source your items in South Africa. Backyard sales are a popular method, so are auctioned items, or making trips to second hand stores.

Furniture of all kinds, antique, collectibles, appliances, electronics, clothes & shoes, bicycles, exercise equipment, car parts, power tools, commercial equipment, etc. are some of the most popular items to flip in South Africa.

If you’re short on cash, start with less expensive products like clothing and household appliances. When your funds improve, you can invest in larger products such as industrial equipment, construction equipment, or even entire automobiles.

Make a point of reading public notices, both physical and online, to identify suitable sales, and then form industry networks.

Online classified platforms like Gumtree make it simple to sell your stuff. However, don’t overlook offline marketing, particularly for high-ticket items.

Teaching online

We are in the midst of an educational golden age. Anyone with the necessary abilities and qualifications can work as an online tutor and earn thousands of dollars.

You might have a class of one or thousands when teaching online. It all depends on how you go about doing it and how much demand there is for whatever you’re teaching.

And there is no shortage of people prepared to pay top cash for particular skills from all over the world.

There are numerous approaches to online education. You can design and sell courses on sites like Udemy. You can charge a few dollars or hundreds of dollars for your course, depending on its complexity.

Other platforms you can sell your course are Teachable and Coursera

Another option is to get paid via subscriptions. Instead of selling your course once, why don’t you get paid for the number of students that listen to you.

Skillshare is the best platform for this. You get regular payments corresponding to the number of students you have in your class.

And this has other benefits, in that you build a loyal audience, in case you add another class.

Sell your skills on Fiverr

Not everyone is cut out for writing and teaching. Many South Africans, on the other hand, have at least one marketable ability. While most teaching sites are limited to that, Fiverr allows anyone to sell whatever ability they have.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that links consumers and sellers. Anyone may offer their skills for $5 and gain access to a pool of possibly millions of individuals who are looking for the same thing.

Among the most popular skills offered on Fiverr are:

  •  Web design
  •  Graphic/logo design
  • Digital marketing
  • Architectural design
  •  Tattoo design
  •  Influencer marketing
  • Writing services
  •  Video and animation
  • Voice over
  • Programming
  • Song writing
  •  Dance lessons

Like with most other jobs, you’ll need to build your reputation on Fiverr, and get as many positive reviews as possible. It is very possible to make a consistent R1,000 a day after just a few months of freelancing on Fiverr.

Uber or Bolt driver

If you own a car, applying to be an Uber or Bolt driver can prove to be quite lucrative. This would be particularly good if you are seeking to earn some extra income.

While the number of hours you put in determines your monthly take home, most ride hailing drivers in South Africa earn over R15,000 a month.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sit in your car all day and drive passengers about, you can rent it out.

Car hire business

Today, starting a car rental business is much easier because you don’t have to develop your own infrastructure, office, or marketing. Rentmyride.co.za is one of several alternatives for a peer-to-peer car rental network.

You register your car and add images in the same way you would with your Airbnb. The vehicle must be properly registered and have a mileage of less than 200,000 kilometers. It also requires a tracker, which you can install yourself or have installed at a subsidized fee by the company.

The next step is to keep utilizing it.

In South Africa, Airbnb is still one of the finest ways to generate passive money. With tourism numbers on the rise once more, running an Airbnb in any of the major cities or tourist destinations may be quite profitable.


While it’s difficult to say how much money the average South African Airbnb host makes per month, we’ve heard of people making more than R30,000 per month, or around R1000 per day.

The best part is that you don’t even need to own a home to participate. People are increasingly renting apartments and turning them into Airbnbs. In the event of a downturn, it will be much easier to break out of your lease this way.

It’s simple to apply to be an Airbnb host, and relatively easy, and acceptance is straightforward if your documentation is in order.

Sell on Etsy

Etsy is the world’s largest e-commerce platform dedicated to handmade, vintage, and artisan items.

It’s a fantastic way for experienced artisans to offer their wares to other South Africans and the rest of the world. From your art paintings to your Mandela commemorative coins, there are essentially no restrictions on what you can sell on the marketplace.

You can either produce the things yourself or use your entrepreneurial skills to sell others’. As previously noted, Etsy would be an excellent place to sell your yard sale finds.

How much you make on Etsy will obviously depend on your effort and the kinds of things you are selling. However, a dedicated soul can easily make upwards of R1,000 a day.


Dropshipping is just selling a product to a customer without ever touching it. Because the client is not always aware of what is going on, it is a contentious business model.

As a South African, you could, for example, set up a simple e-commerce website selling watches. You, on the other hand, do not have any stock and have not put any of your money into purchasing the things you are selling.

Instead, you focus on marketing, and after a client placed an order for a certain item, you send it to the supplier, who is frequently in China. You send the payment (less your percentage) together with the shipment address. This can be automated with a variety of software.

The merchandise will subsequently be delivered to the client’s address without you ever touching it.

Dropshipping may be extremely profitable, with industry veterans earning thousands of dollars per day.

However, several ethical issues have been highlighted, such as the issue of returns, fabrication of facts, and so on.

Get paid playing games

Getting paid to play video games does not sound right. Ever since the invention of video games, it is the consumer that pays to own or play a game.

You either pay with money, for traditional video games, or with your data for newer mobile video games.

The concept of getting paid to play games is very new. It is all made possible by the blockchain and decentralization of the internet. In other terms, Web3.

To put it simply, you buy an NFT to play a blockchain game like Axie Infinity. You are rewarded with in-game tokens when you reach certain game milestones or complete particular activities.

There are many of similar Play 2 Earn (P2E) games already available, each with its own token/crypto.

These tokens can then be exchanged for actual money on a number of decentralized platforms.

The Philippines is one country that has embraced this concept, with hundreds of people quitting their jobs to pursue gaming full-time.

Many of these games only take a few minutes of your time, allowing you to engage in as many as you choose. It is thus quite simple to earn R1,000 every day.

However, as previously stated, one disadvantage is that you must invest money to begin playing, most commonly through the purchase of the NFT. This can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars at times.

Become a virtual assistant

Demand for virtual assistants is on the rise, especially after Covid when much of the world resorted to working from home.

Using sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you can offer your services to potential employers, and earn over R100 per hour.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be expected to do tasks such as: file management, data entry, email support, phone support, scheduling, Excel, social media support, research etc.. basically things an assistant does in the office, but separated by miles and oceans.

Food delivery

South Africa’s meal delivery industry is expanding. Uber Eats, Bolt Food, and other companies have made it feasible for South Africans to get hot meals delivered to their homes in minutes.

According to projections, this market will continue to grow, making now an ideal moment to register as a food delivery rider. In comparison to other company ideas, the start-up costs are low because all you need is a motorcycle or access to one.

This is ideal for supplementing your income because you may easily earn R300 per day working only a few hours.

Sell photos

You can make a job doing what you love if you have a passion for photography and the correct equipment.

Take out your camera and photograph anything. Nature, city life, transportation, news events, or any other stock photographs could be used.

Websites like Shutterstock, iStock, and others will compensate you for each image sold. This is a great example of passive income, and once you find a niche, you might be looking at a substantial and consistent paycheck.

In addition to selling photographs, you may also sell graphics, animations, and vectors through the same site.

Monthly earnings of around $500 are not uncommon.

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