17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man

17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man

Relations broke man is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. Even if you are on the task of hurting yourself, please live far from the bankruptcy and is entitled. They may not exist yet terrible information.


17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man
17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man


If you are out there independent and after long years of hustle then finally your career begins paying you an amazing amount of money, you are planning to buy or build a house, a place you will call home and all of a sudden, broke men who cannot keep upstart salivating over you, adoring your car, your job, your salary.

For ladies, sometimes it is impossible to date a man who doesn’t have any sort of income</b></p><p><b>Living with a man who is supposed to provide but isn’t means the lady has to suffer emotionally and financially </b></p>
But you are single and you want to give them a chance to prove themselves. Here are some reasons why dating a broke man is unthinkable.

He will suck you dry

Being independent and living with a broke man under the same roof, will make sure he leaves you bankrupt. He will borrow money and spend it with some low life girls somewhere else.

A man who does not contribute financially is handicapped

If he cannot handle the bills then what of use is he?

A broke man is a lazy man

Your broke boyfriend will expect you spend 8 good hours in a job you love so much and still wait for you to come home do his laundry, cook supper, wash the kids and work you all night while all he does is lie around.

Once he gets some, he will get some

Ladies beware if you date this type of guy because as soon as he starts smelling his own cheque, he will either cheat on you with another woman or leave and get married to another from his hometown.

He will never step up

A broke man is always comfortable at his current situation, he is never quick to look for a job because he knows that you are there to settle everything.

It is 100% nonsense

Taking care of a man who cannot take care of himself is unheard of. Since creation, it a man’s job to take care of the woman and not vice-versa.

A broke man lacks purpose and motivation

A man who is not earning lacks purpose and motivation to achieve his own. A man who works has a drive and a passion that broke man does have because he does not understand the pride that comes with earning a salary.

1. One of the reasons you do not have to punish yourself with these people is that they do not have a date companies around first. What can someone who has not been found alive offer you as a woman?

2. If a person does not know where he is headed where or what he wants to do to make money, what they need you for? He had to go and parents out its existence first before looking where sweat and semen launch. Being broke is not always a characteristic.

Three. Dating a guy broke terrible. Do not do this to yourself, especially in case you are an ambitious, hardworking and successful woman. Do not listen to people who let you know that maybe God adds you to a lifestyle to raise him out of the hole monetary shortage. You are not Jesus. You may handiest help him but you could’t make money on his behalf. He wanted to try this yourself.

4. broke man in the relationship is not authentic to himself. You do not expect a girl to like you when you do not even love yourself bankrupt you. Instead of mounting strain your girl to put up with you while you are broke, pass and make money that are reliable.

Five. A woman should not be anticipated to undergo the burden of a bankrupt man. That is not fair. Even an independent woman who does not want to know about money a man does not have to accept people who go bankrupt. She needs a man who is focused, one who has the vision and the only one who knows what he wants from life style and no one else who can not even take care of himself.

6. Ladies, you will not be reconciled guy courting bankruptcy. He will hold complain about your clothes, your hair, your home and the things that maybe you can afford. He will emotionally blackmail you along with a lack of ability catches up with you financially. Living far from the disorder.

7. broken men will declare that your motive to keep talking to him in any case is that you’re richer than him. Let him move away. You do not need this kind of people around you. He will destroy your future with the bankrupt, his low self-esteem. Go find him alone to move its level earlier than he used to indulge your reggae blues.

17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man 

8. Girls, do not be happier with the aid of emotion. Love does not pay the rent, pay the electric bill, the health center bills or buy groceries. Love without money is a punishment. You should stay away from that form of love. If he is not healthy for your lifestyle and plan to destiny, leave him alone. You do not have to punish yourself like that.


9. broke men need time alone to figure out his life, and now do not go on the disposal of frustration in women exclusively for dating. You may jump to the conclusion that women do not need men until now bankrupt because of the fact they have nothing to offer financially, but there are no women come to this international through on behalf of anyone. may complete the connection of anger, frustration and useless fights. Who want all the stress that in this world today?

17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man

10. A man broke out with is not attractive. There is nothing interesting around moaning and complaining about cash while others are doing nothing to exchange situation. While your friends are going out with their men, to show their pride for everything they met, you were stuck together with a man in the room broke your sweat. Even sex with him was hell.

11. Dating a guy broke courtship embarrassed way. It further demands that he does not always shop for things, but he felt entitled to complain about the things that you buy for yourself. Do you want to hear it or not anymore, cash will lead to a battle between you and your boyfriend broke.

12. It’s miles funny that broke men call for immoderate appreciate. Even wealthy men who can afford to buy costly matters for his or her ladies don’t demand an excessive amount of recognize as broke guys do. They have got this fake feel of entitlement that makes placing up with their loss of money tough. The problem isn’t being broke however worrying admire when you don’t provide your girl something however anger and frustration.

13. Most African guys are brief to insult girls who say they can’t date broke men. As opposed to focusing their strength on making a living, they’re tearing their boxers over a woman’s selection to live faraway from broke men. If you are broke, you don’t have a business dating a woman. You’ll add to her troubles. Type your self out first.

14. Women, you shouldn’t be slumbering with a broke man. You have no commercial enterprise sharing a mattress with a man who has not anything to offer himself. You have to love yourself sufficient to stay faraway from broke guys. It’s miles a waste of time.

15. Even if you sense age is not for your aspect and also you should be in a courting or get married by way of fire or via force, don’t go close to a broke man. If you in the end marry him after months or years of scheming and putting up with his many dramas, you’ll regret it.

16. Dating a broke guy method on foot on egg shells. These men ooze out low self confidence and they will infect you with it. You may be constantly cautious not to cause them to experience bad for no longer having money. They gained’t apprehend why you need to go out or meet a new customer or extend your commercial enterprise. They complain loads and before you comprehend it, they get aggressive. A broke guy has a delicate ego which you ought to maintain massaging just to make him feel better.

17 good reasons why you should never date a broke man

17. I’m not saying that you need to marry a rich guy or go out of your manner to seize a wealthy man. I’m saying that you have to love yourself enough no longer to put up with a broke, entitled guy who isn’t always doing anything to exchange his scenario. You aren’t his saviour. You are not God. You cannot assist him if he doesn’t take the initiative to assist himself.

Women, please don’t allow the strain to get married push you into the fingers of those boys who are broke however call for recognize like it is going out of fashion. If you want to live a long, peaceful existence, leave broke guys by myself.Relationship a broke man is a big sin!.

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