2 monkeys kill 250 dogs in ‘revenge killings’ in India

2 monkeys kill 250 dogs in ‘revenge killings’ in India

2 monkeys kill 250 dogs in ‘revenge killings’ in India
2 monkeys kill 250 dogs in ‘revenge killings’ in India

Two monkeys have reportedly killed an estimated 250 dogs in India.

Local media and other international media reports monitored by African Entertainment revealed that the killings occurred in the Indian state of Maharastra.


The Guardian reported that the two killer monkeys have been captured.

According to report, villagers in Lavool village, in the Beed district of Maharastra, reported the langur monkeys after they witnessed them engaging in what seemed to be targeted killings of the neighbourhood puppies by snatching them and taking them up to deadly heights.

Reports cited the villagers as saying the monkeys were carrying out “revenge killings” after dogs had killed an infant monkey.

The Indian News Agency quoted a villager as saying “In the last two to three months, there have been incidents where the langurs roaming in the area would catch puppies and take them to a place with considerable height to throw them from there. At least 250 dogs have been killed so far.”

A young monkey was reported to have been killed by dogs two months ago and the monkeys waited for about eight weeks before revenging.

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