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3 Ways To Improve Your Boring S3x Life

Let’s face it — sometimes the lack of ar0-usal and intimacy isn’t because of really horrific and painful experiences and betrayals in a marriage.

Sometimes the desire has waned simply because schedules got busy and full and wee little children or demanding careers or annoying family members are sucking the life right out of you.  (Hmmm.  Did I just say all that out loud?)

You know what I’m talking about, so here are 3 ways to improve your boring se’x life…
1. Start small.

By “starting small,” what I am referring to is your affection with your clothes on.  Instead of thinking you have to instantly rejuvenate things in the bedroom, why not begin by increasing the ways you t0uch outside the bedroom?

Is it just me or is fascinating to you how two people whose lives are so intertwined and who even occasionally see each other [email protected] or get [email protected] together can rarely or never t0uch each other when clothed?

I’m a big fan of appropriate public display of affection, but I think there’s also something to be said for the ways we casually express affection within our own homes.

Here are some ideas…

Holding your husband’s hand… even a brief squeeze to say “hello!”

Hugging him…

Lightly t0uching his arm…

Coming up and hugging him from behind…

K1ssing his neck…

Running your fingers through his hair…

K1ssing him passionately for no reason at all…

Sitting close to him on the couch…

The point is to physically t0uch him in a way that conveys, “Hey, I’m glad you’re my husband. And I’m glad I’m your wife.”

These little t0uches build closeness that lends itself well to more intimate se’xual connection.

When a couple becomes increasingly comfortable with giving and receiving affection while clothed, they begin to intuitively understand the significance of such t0uch.

Sure, this may seem awkward at first if you are not used to t0uching each other, but I really think if you can push through that awkwardness, there are great rewards on the other side.

I’ve long believed that the way a couple t0uches with their clothes on says a lot about the depth of their intimacy and vulnerability when their clothes are off.

2. Try something new.

I know, it sounds like I’m playing the “creative se’x” card.  But really all I am saying is that if your se’xual intimacy has become so predictable you could do it while you simultaneously read “War and Peace,” then there probably is some room for expanding the se’xual repertoire.

You don’t have to go wild (unless you’re in to that sort of thing).
Maybe buy some massage oil and give your husband a nice long massage… and ask for one from him.

What about a bit more time spent on for3play…

Or maybe a new position or new way of t0uching se’xually…

Ask him what feels good, and show him what feels good for you.  Show him ladies, and allow him to teach you, because se’xual intimacy is too vital to leave to “mere chance” that you each will stumble upon amazing ar0-usal.

The point is that even a little change up in the bedroom can enlighten you to new depths of oneness.

3. Stop settling.

This seems like an obvious statement, but maybe se’x has become boring because you and/or your husband have settled for it being this way.

How’s that working out for you?

If you and your husband both think there is room for improvement, then get to improving baby.  Make it a priority.   Stop over-booking your calendar.   Push the unfolded laundry off the bed and have some fun re-connecting se’xually.

There really is never an “ideal time” to improve se’xual intimacy.  Your life is messy, which of course puts you in good company with… let’s see… the rest of the world.  Somewhere and somehow — as you’re wading through all that chaos — ya gotta find a way to spend time in each other’s arms.

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